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Components of a LAN

A LAN is a local network in other words. It enables efficient communication between devices connected to it, such as computers, printers and others. It is a solution that improves efficiency and productivity in the workplace, while minimizing costs, because the LAN network does not require external operators. This method enables fast data transfer between connected devices via a cable or Wi-Fi network. While there are no formal limits to how wide a LAN can be, it typically covers and works in small areas such as a single office or building. As network components, we can distinguish devices such as connecting cables, switches (also called switches), hubs and routers. These are the components necessary for the proper functioning of the LAN network, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the optimal and desired bandwidth of links and the smooth functioning of the entire network. All these devices are available in the sales offer of our store, enabling the selection of professional equipment suitable for each application and needs. Most LAN devices of a modern standard, more and more often, also offer the possibility of wireless operation via wi-fi. If this solution is used, Powerlink signal amplifiers may be useful, as they will support the data transmission range by making the network cover a larger area.

LAN devices of interest

A great way to reduce the cost of communication in the office is to use VoIP-based telephony. With the use of VoIP phones and gateways available in our store, it is possible to create your own telephone network. In this way, you can connect with LAN users without any fees or additional costs, bypassing telecommunications operators. Devices of this type also allow you to create your own user numbering, which allows you to easily organize work and communication channels in the office.

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