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What PoE switches for IP cameras and more! 48V | 24V | Overview. ;)

Hello everyone,

Recently we have received a lot of inquiries from customers about various PoE solutions … e.g. which switch for IP cameras? Which PoE switch for routers? How to power Mikrotik through PoE switch? That's why I decided to record a short video showing different PoE solutions from Extralink.

I presented 48 and 24V switches | managed and unmanaged...

What kind of devices under what standard, etc...

Enjoy the movie 🙂

Below is a list of the presented products: EXTRALINK SFP 1.25G WDM












What do you think about it? And how do you manage to power various devices ? 🙂

3 years ago

Finally, the end of problems with the current

JHow to maintain the current during a power failure in the office or server room, when the monitoring suddenly falls and the server immediately switches off?

We know that power failures are the worst for our network infrastructure. This can drive the administrator into a not insignificant drama and end up tearing hair out of the head 😭

We offer you a solution that is not expensive, but very simple.

Connection of a charging power supply with a battery will allow for cheap way of powering monitoring or network equipment. For 12V voltage we recommend the following sets: 1x any Extralink battery + AD-155A or AD-55A power supply with charger

For 24V voltage we recommend the following sets: 2x same Extralink batteries + AD-155B or AD-55B power supply with charger (different power)

For 48V voltage we recommend the following sets: 4x 12V Extralink batteries + AD-155C power supply with charger

For confirmation see our video, where we test the antennas using such a power supply. Enjoy watching 8-) :

4 years ago

How many fibers do you use to build a fiber optic network?

Do you think that 12 fibers are enough to fully equip a block of flats with fiber optics? How many fibers are needed to build a fiber optic network for long and short distances? :o We look forward to hearing from you below

4 years ago

Finally! LTE equipment for building ISPs networks !

Mikrotik InterCell is a whole series of outdoor LTE solutions that allows you to build a complete network of LTE Base+Clients!!

The devices have 10W output so you can provide LTE coverage over a very large area. In addition, the InterCell Series has two SFP ports, two 1Gb Ethernet ports, a built-in lightning protector, a 48V power supply and even EPC support!

In short, the Mikrotik InterCell series is a small base station supporting up to 192 LTE clients.

Below there's a complete specification of the MikroTik InterCell series:

Dedicated client stations:

Entire specification can be found on our B2B ➡️

What do you think about this solution ?

lte 4g
4 years ago

PoE switch up to 250m ?

Probably many of you had the need to pass PoE on a twisted pair above 100m…. Of course, it is not that simple, because PoE devices unfortunately do not allow to power such distant devices, which is often a problem.

But..!? 💡 💡 💡

Extralink meets the expectations of customers and presents the latest PoE solution, which allows you to power the device, up to 250 meters! :o




Specifications of all EXTRALINK switches can be found in Guides section:

4 years ago

Long Term Ubiquiti - airFiber 5XHD LTU - performance test

As you probably know, in 2018 Ubiquiti Networks presented with great impetus the latest work based on the pioneering LTU protocol.

airFiber5XHD - because this is the name of this new product - is the successor to the very popular device called airFiber 5X, but in comparison to its predecessor, it has much greater possibilities:

* 1024QAM modulation in the whole 5GHz band (up to 4096QAM in subsequent software versions)

  • extended frequency range from 4800MHz to 6200MHz for licensed applications

  • Bluetooth for easier configuration from smartphones

  • Performance up to 1+Gbps and computing power up to 2,000,000 packets per second

  • added channel widths: 60/80 and 100MHz

  • Active Live airView without breaking the radio link

  • double PoE IN port

Of course we checked the device how it works in the field

We have set up a link on 1.5 km on 5500 channel at 50MHz width with -59dBm signal.

We tested the link using the built-in Speedtest tool from Ubiquiti as well as Mikrotik Btest, both in TCP and UDP protocols.

Here are some examples of our results: Ubiquiti Speedtest Receive

Mikrotik Btest TCP send

The entire AF-5XHD test and all results can be found here –->>

Check our testing on our Youtube channel –->>

ubiquiti testy
4 years ago

The new Mimosa B24 radioline - performance tests

Mimosa Networks in 2018 meets the expectations of its customers by presenting its latest solution working in 24GHz frequency.

Mimosa B24, the latest 24GHz radio line that supports TDMA and TDMA-FD, aims to revolutionize the industry while meeting the needs of customers in many industries. Of course, we decided to test the latest Mimosa B24 radioline in the field - a beautiful place -> near Częstochowa.

The test was performed at a distance of 1.5km using both the built-in Mimosa tool and the MicroTicket Test and the iperf application. We have used TCP and UDP protocols and this is our test bench:

After setting up the antennas we received -57dbm signal, although it took us some time to do it, such a value will be sufficient for the tests… 🙂

In order to perform the test in the field of the device, it was necessary to use batteries to power individual devices -> in our case, they were the Extralink 12V 7.2A batteries connected in series…

And here are the results:




As you can see we have achieved bandwidths above 1000Mbps (UDP) and 800Mbps (TCP) - which is a very good result 🙂

Especially that it is difficult to find such an efficient solution at such a price (about 650usd) and I think that every ISP will find practical application for a radio line of such small size 🙂

You can find the entire article here with all the details ->

The video from the test is available here ->

And what do you think of the B24? Will it work well in your networks ? 8-)

mimosa radioline
4 years ago

Totolink T10 - Smart Mesh | Unboxing, configuration, tests

Hello Everyone

Check our new video on youtube 8-) –->>>

The video shows a new device from Totolink, namely Totolink T10 router. This is a great Wi-Fi solution. The device complies with the AC standard and offers wireless data transmission speed up to 1167Mbp/s. It operates at 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. The router has wireless roaming functions. It supports DHCP, static IP, PPPoE and traffic management through QoS. At the beginning of a video we have unboxing, then configuration and creating MESH network.

We invite you to watch!


totolink mesh
4 years ago

New Totolink product! Smart Home W-Fi System T10

In 2018 Totolink introduced a lot of new products including a new solution called Totolink T10 mesh. T10 is available in a set (3 pcs) as well as it can be purchased in standalone version- one piece which functions of a typical Access Point.

The whole system works in the 802.11AC wave2 standard, therefore we have performed T10 performance tests … 🤠

As you can see the tests were carried out using the Mikrotik Btest tool and hEX S (RB760iGS) device, which has two cores at 880MHz and is a very efficient unit for our tests

The obtained results are very satisfying! Based on TCP packets, we obtained over 200mbit/s on a satellite 15 meters away from the main router…

To read whole text click here –->

What do you think ? Will this solution be adopted nowadays in smart homes? :?: :?: :?:

totolink wireless
4 years ago

Can we buy an efficient AC1200 router at the price of a popular TP-Link N300?

A wireless router has become necessary, while the purchase of a suitable device is a problem… Companies offer huge number of routers operating in different ranges and with different functionalities.

But is it sure that the purchase of an efficient router which meets our basic but also sufficient needs must involve such costs? And whether by the amount of spent money will we certainly receive the expected performance, adequate to the price of the product? In this article I’ll try to dispel all these doubts…. For our tests we’ve collected the most popular routers operating both in 802.11ac and 802.11n standards. All of these routers were compared in terms of range, performance, functionality and whether they are adequate for the aforementioned price…

The tests were carried out with the help of the iperf tool, or rather its graphic overlay based on the JAva platform with the graceful name Jperf.

Our test bench looks like this:

All tests were performed based on TCP packets, with 1 and 5 data streams (sender <-> reciver).

Obtained results can be found here –>

We invite you to read and share your opinions….

routery tp-link wireless
4 years ago

Ideal AC router? Centenary test | TOTOLINK A3 vs TP-LINK C50

Hello this time very nice project 8-)


Video showing big test of routers operating in the AC1200 standard. It includes devices such as:

The tests were carried out using many tools and methods. Enjoy!

More information at:

testy totolink tp-link
4 years ago

New device from Ubiquiti Networks | Loco AC vs Loco M5

Hi again 😃


This time I would like to present you another new device from Ubiquiti Networks - Loco AC. It works in the ac standard so automatically you achieve better bandwidth even up to 450 Mbps! More information in the video.

You can find here:

  • Unboxing
  • A comparison of Loco AC with the lder version Loco M5
  • Logging process to UNMS application
  • Summary

More information at:

4 years ago

IMPORTANT ! Upgrade your RouterOS!!


It has come to our attention that a rogue botnet is currently scanning random public IP addresses to find open Winbox (8291) and WWW (80) ports, to exploit a vulnerability in the RouterOS www server that was patched more than a year ago in RouterOS v6.38.5, march 2017.

Since all RouterOS devices offer free upgrades with just two clicks, we urge you to upgrade your devices with the "Check for updates" button, if you haven't done so within the last year.

More information at –>

:!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

5 years ago

Unifi AC Mesh and Cloud Key - Configuration guide

In connection with many inquiries from our clients about the configuration of UniFi MESH devices, we have prepared a short guide showing step by step how to properly build a MESH network 😃

For this purpose we have prepared a small network based on Ubiquiti equipment:

As I've mentioned before, configuration of devices with the help of UniFi CloudKey is very simple - everything is very intuitive

The most important thing is probably only updating the software to the newest one and adapting the appropriate devices in turn and setting them accordingly.

The whole guide, describing the step-by-step configuration procedure can be found here - >>

unifi mesh wireless
5 years ago

Rb750 Small ISP MA5608T

Hi, somenone here have a configuration for a MA5608T Huawei OLT and a Mikrotik RB750 for mount a small ISP? for example VLANS, PPPoE, and private IP for the client side Thanks a lot

5 years ago

Xiaomi products overview


A video presenting wide range of Xiaomi products available in our store. Xiaomi is a company quickly gaining the recognition of customers all over the world due to the ratio of good technical parameters of devices to their price. All these products and more are available in our online store. For more details, please visit our website

Youtube ->

Products ->

5 years ago