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HAYLOU T17 TWS Black | Earbuds | Bluetooth 5.0
Product code: HAYLOU T17 BLACK
HAYLOU T15 TWS Black | Earbuds | Bluetooth 5.0
Product code: HAYLOU T15 BLACK
HAYLOU GT2S Black | Earbuds | Bluetooth 5.0
Product code: HAYLOU GT2S BLACK
HAYLOU GT5 TWS Black | Earbuds | Bluetooth 5.0
Product code: HAYLOU GT5 BLACK
HAYLOU GT3 TWS Black | Earbuds | Bluetooth 5.0
Product code: HAYLOU GT3 BLACK
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Haylou in-ear headphones

Whether you're a fan of rock, metal or hip-hop, you want to enjoy the undistorted sound of your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. Noise, interference or outside noises can often ruin even the most pleasant moment. That's why you should check out Haylou's in-ear headphones. Haylou headphones will meet the expectations of all, even the most demanding users. Lightweight, built with durable materials, and most importantly, compatible with most Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices, they are one of the best headphones on the market. With these headphones you will not only improve your music listening comfort, but you will also rediscover your music.

Haylou Wireless Headphones

Who of us hasn't experienced the most horrible thing in the world, when instead of listening to the music we love, we struggle throughout the journey with tangled headphone cables? The solution to this situation is Haylou wireless headphones. When they first appeared on the market, people doubted their success, but over time they proved to be a hit! Reliable, lightweight and compatible with most devices, the headphones from Haylou are an uncompromising market leader. Equipped with the most modern version of Bluetooth, they provide a stable connection up to ten meters from the main device. They stream music quickly and without interruption. They are also great for conversations as they have a built-in high-end microphone to pick up clear sound. The headphones' support for the AAC codec allows for natural and high quality sound without having to set additional parameters.

Wireless headphones from sub-brand Xiaomi

When choosing wireless headphones, one of the criteria we take into account is battery life. When you opt for wireless headphones, you can be sure that they will not turn off when you least expect it. This is because each earphone is able to play music continuously for 6 hours and with a charging case even 30 hours. This is because each earphone is equipped with a 35mAh battery and the charging case has a battery capacity of up to 600mAh. This is one of the largest capacities on the market. Also, the self-charging case with USB-C port ensures fast charging of the battery. So whether you love listening to music for hours, can't wait for the latest episode of your podcast, or like to listen to great audiobooks on the go, the wireless headphones from Xiaomi's sub-brand Haylou are made for you. They will provide you with endless wonderful experiences every day, so don't hesitate any longer and buy your dream pair today!

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