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Cable organizers and masking frames

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Mantar 19'' 1U | Cable organizer | steel 1 mm
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Mantar organizers and masks are additional equipment for various types of IT cabinets . They supplement, for example, rack cabinets, cable stock or fibre optic cabinets, helping to maintain order, better layout of space, higher safety and aesthetics. Whether you have a fiber optic switch, switches, server components or access points inside the selected cabinet, a properly selected tidying panel, cable protection PG chokes, fiber optic adapters or other fiber optic accessories and cabinet equipment can support a safety compliant configuration. Mantar company designing and manufacturing various types of cabinets, enclosures and guards made of durable steel sheet has many years of experience. Thanks to that, a wide range of accessories allows to supplement the functionality of modular products. Check Mantar's products - order panel, extraction handles or patch panels mounted in cabinets as additional equipment and find out that efficient laying of cables, their protection and masking does not have to be difficult.

Where can Mantar organizers and masking panels be used?

Accessories supporting good organization and tidying up especially in rack cabinets play their role perfectly. Frequent use of clamps to organize fiber optic patchcords or coaxial cables does not have to be necessary when using proper panels, distributors, hangers. Well-organized racks or other types of housings facilitate subsequent maintenance, repair or modernization of the installation. An effective tidying panel will help to point the way, but it is the user, the administrator, who decides on the final use of individual solutions. In the proper organization of the cabling of electronic devices using Mantar mz series cabinets located outdoors or in difficult conditions will be useful, for example:

  • PG chokes, PG glands will seal the passages through the cabinet walls.
  • SC adapters successfully used in fibre optic cabinets,
  • patchpanels, masks,
  • organizers, cable hangers, dedicated order panels.
  • tunnels for cables,
  • other accessories.

A good rack or other housing model from the manufacturer's offer thanks to this type of organizing and camouflage accessories gain full functionality, aesthetics, as well as additional comfort of use, the possibility of handing over the management of the equipment without fear. They can be used both in large server rooms, smaller cabinets with ICT equipment, control panels, IP monitoring, as well as in smart house systems or corporate network infrastructure, when professional network equipment housings are required.

Modern network equipment of leading manufacturers and new technologies on Batna24

All elements that can be used to secure the network infrastructure being created or upgraded can play a key role. Therefore, even seemingly unimportant fiber optic accessories, mounting or organizational at some point will allow to verify whether the network has been properly built and is fast in maintenance and management from the physical side. However, in our Batna24 shop you will not only find solutions for FTTx networks such as fiber patchcords, fiber optic adapters, organization-supporting fiber optic switch or cable stock cabinet. The product range includes mainly advanced network devices from leading manufacturers, of which we are the official distributor - Ubiquiti or Mikrotik. We also offer a number of other, also more basic devices and solutions for LAN, WiFi, GSM/LTE networks, as well as servers, monitoring, smart proposals for home and business, new technologies. Business customers are also welcome to take advantage of the partnership program. Do you have technical problems, doubts about the configuration? Consult our technical helpline, which can efficiently solve any problem. We invite you to contact us and to long-term cooperation, as well as for one-time purchases.

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