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Mantar fiber optic accessories allow to supplement rack cabinets, fiber optic cabinets or SZK series with necessary elements to create a safe, comfortable in use and administration fiber optic infrastructure. Mantar company, specializing in the production of metal cabinets since 1993, employs specialists who use their rich experience and knowledge to design and manufacture various types of equipment and accessories. The production is mainly based on wardrobes, cabinets, casings and covers for various ICT equipment, as well as complementary accessories, allowing for the creation of modular structures. Mantar fiber optic accessories are adapted to the specific requirements of fiber optic installations, they may include elements such as fiber optic switch, cable stock cabinet, dedicated fiber optic cabinet or small mounting elements. Check what useful Mantar products you will find in this category and select the elements you need.

Adjust the cabinets, covers and fiber optic installation to your needs - check out Mantar accessories

The design of a fiber optic network should include not only its concept, but also implementation and installation details. Therefore, when closing fiber optic cables , for example, in the cabinet of SZK Mantar series, the necessary mounting elements are used and the fiber optic switches turn out to be reliable for maintaining order of connections. The Mantar fibre optic outdoor switchgear has a functional design and is suitable for outdoor use. If, for example, the hermetic rack used is designed for wall mounting, suitable rails, brackets will be useful. A bracket for mounting on a pole will be useful if it is necessary to move the cabinet. The fiber optic switch can be equipped with appropriate weld trays, splitters, Duplex SC/APC, SC/UPC adapters and screws. The holes for SFP modules are prepared for specific solutions. The safety of the FTTx network can be ensured not only by tight enclosures and properly routed installation, but also by reliable voltage converters, ventilation or cabinet heating. Special padlocks or locks can be used to prevent unauthorised access to the rack with devices or to the cable supply.

Base fiber optic switch, panels, enclosures and cabinets - infrastructure security

Fiber optic cables , which are a key element of various types of FTTx infrastructure, require appropriate protection. In particular, the location of fiber optic splices, which are protected by a fiber optic cabinet, should be physically protected against mechanical damage. The splice tray, reinforced construction of fiber optic series cabinets and dedicated code or key locks protect against sudden mechanical access and interference, as well as a specially designed burglar protection. A hermetic rack can protect sensitive infrastructure elements from adverse conditions - dust, dust or moisture. Accessories such as a wall mounted fiber optic switch may be included, but the manufacturer also allows the purchase of necessary parts as other accessories.

Comprehensive solutions for fiber optic installations, WiFi networks and new technologies

Building a backbone network based on optical fibers is a task for professionals. A fiber optic cabinet and other accessories are a necessary complement to the network, as well as advanced network devices at its nodes and ends. All this from reputable manufacturers can be found in the offer of our shop Batna24, which is a leader on the market of widely understood network equipment. However, the range of solutions offered by Batna24 is much wider - they are comprehensive network solutions in almost all modern technologies - WiFi, GSM/LTE, LAN, mentioned FTTx, as well as advanced solutions including smart home, alarm and monitoring systems or electronics for home and business. Check our offer, take advantage of our partnership program and, if necessary, effective technical assistance. Welcome to shopping!

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