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Mast and mounting brackets

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Mantar | Pole bracket | 558 mm
Product code: UCHWYT SŁUPOWY 558MM
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Mantar assembly accessories are a supplement to the rich offer of the manufacturer of metal enclosures, allowing for the assembly of various elements of network infrastructure. The offered mounting elements may be universal or designed for a specific type of equipment. Mantar is a team of specialists with wide experience who specialize in the production of IT cabinets, including models for individual orders. These elements are used to create, expand or introduce improvements, modernize various types of Internet networks, mainly FTTx. They will accommodate a fiber optic switch, a suitable cable stock section , remote control devices or other key infrastructure elements. Cabinets of SZK series can be equipped with solid anti-burglary protection, cabinet heating option or external panels which facilitate the use. They are adapted to outdoor conditions, there are also models for indoor installation only.

Safe and quick installation thanks to the well-developed Mantar accessories - mounting elements

Mounting elements for many products are optional. For example, a SZK12u manhole cabinet will not have a wall mounting as standard, but in an exceptional situation appropriate accessories can adapt it. Mantar accessories are also solid post holders, thanks to which telephone cables or coaxial cables using infrastructure elements protected by the cabinet can be fixed firmly to the post. Using the mounting of modular cabinets of SZK series to store a cable stock or as a safe cover for a signal amplifier you gain a safe and secure installation. For example, the Mantar fiber optic cabinet is a suitably located fiber optic switch or other elements of a damage-sensitive infrastructure, while allowing easy access for authorized persons.

An accessory to physical network solutions - racks and fiber optic cabinets

The proper installation of even small network infrastructure components of any type can play a key role at some point. Therefore, supplementing a stable and secure wall-mounted rack with appropriate mounting elements is crucial. Depending on the intended use, the rack can support a variety of standard mounting devices - signal amplifier, router, switch, access point, power module and many other solutions. They can also be used to store the cable stock, store all the necessary coaxial or telephone cables, which will be tidy and safe when properly installed. Mantar fiber optic cabinet from the SZK series can be fully adapted to individual needs and fixed with the use of appropriate mounting accessories in such a way that it does not provide easy access to the public. Each infrastructure element or cabinet intended for mounting on a selected surface or fixing should have dedicated mounting accessories.

Comprehensive networking solutions and new technologies for home and business

In the offer of our online shop you will find not only simple small assembly elements supplementing the Mantar product range. Thanks to cooperation with market leaders in the field of network equipment distribution we can create a comprehensive offer for you. It will allow for the implementation or modernization of almost any network, both fiber optic, where the fiber optic switch and Mantar fiber cabinet will be only a small element of the network, as well as WiFi, LAN or LTE. New technologies for home and business in one place, professional elements of IP monitoring, efficient server infrastructure and power supply elements of the installation and other network accessories are our specialties. When making larger purchases, you can also take advantage of an attractive partnership program, thanks to which our cooperation will be even more fruitful. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer and to shop, as well as to contact a professional technical advisor, who will help to dispel any doubts.

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