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WiFi routers

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Mimosa G2 | Access point | 300Mbps, 2,4GHz, PoE, 802.11n
Product code: MIMOSA G2
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MIMOSA WiFi routers

MIMOSA WiFi routers allow you to create a compact access point for home use. These products are dedicated to be used as a network connection termination, their additional function becomes PoE power supply, which they transfer to CPEBrigde client devices. All network devices from Mimosa by Airspan are high quality products, refined down to the smallest detail to create complete WiFi networks with their help. The Mimosa Networks brand has been at the forefront of providing effective wireless networking solutions appreciated by professionals for years.

Small and functional WiFi routers

Wireless routerto network devices designed forrouting, distributing network packets in the local network and connecting it to another network or networks. It works in the third layer of the OSI network model, as opposed to a standard switch that switches packets in the second layer. It usually has a single port labeled WAN, in standard Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet solutions, to connect to an external network, usually the Internet. Routers WiFi can also have other interfaces outside the wireless network, such as ATM, 3G, or LTE router, as well as a built-in Ethernet switch. They have many built-in functions, various routing algorithms, which can also support advanced protocols. Access to the WiFi network, which allowsaccess points, is most often encrypted and protected by password or a number of other protections. When using WiFi routers on larger areas, a signal amplifier is also often configured to give greater coverage of the local wireless network. Modern routers, including Mimosa G2 are small client devices with rich functionality including NAT, firewall, port forwarding, detailed packet inspection and static routing.

Mimosa G2, a customized WiFi router

Mimosa Networks manufacturer specializing in providing radio, CPE and antennas has proposed an interesting, compact solution in the form of router Mimosa G2. Unlike most of the equipment, such as Mimosa A5C or B11, the WiFi G2 router is a device for international use. Nevertheless, it is made with attention to detail, from UV-resistant plastic. It has a built-in power supply and no cable because it is connected directly to an electrical outlet. It operates at 2.4 GHz and provides a network with a throughput of even 300 Mbps in the 802.11n standard. The network is pre-configured with a unique name and password given on the device's housing and card. The device has two Ethernet ports, one of which is a power source in the PoEPassthrough standard. It is to serve as a power supply for CPEMIMOSA C5x or C5c. They can work not only as access points when connected via RJ45 cable, but also as a repeater. An extremely useful feature of the Mimosa router for Internet providers is the possibility of its remote configuration and monitoring via Mimosa Cloud. This helps in effectivetroubleshoting as well as good control over network usage.

WiFi Local Area Network Construction with Mimosa WiFi routers

LAN setup with Mimosa devices is intuitive and simple. The manufacturer has assumed minimal need for user action and has equipped the devices with sophisticated algorithms to automate the desired settings. It is easy to connect with G2:

  • laptops,
  • fixed computers equipped with a WiFi network card,
  • other network devices with wireless network card,
  • smartphones, tablets,
  • smart appliances/RTV

Mimosa WiFi routers are equipped with good quality omnidirectional antennas, maximum transmitting power is 16dBm. Additionally, special algorithms select the frequency - working channel to minimize interference. Mimosa equipment, in addition to excellent, intuitive functionality, is also excellent design and elegance, valued by many users.

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