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Netgear RR230400-100NES | NAS | READYNAS 2304 1U 4BAY GBE RACKMOUNT
Product code: RR230400-100NES
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NETGEAR server units

Server units Netgear ReadyNas is a reliable device for data storage in the cloud. This equipment intuitively allows for effective management and monitoring of the most important company data. Thanks to the technology ofNetgear ReadyNas we are able to store data files in the cloud and have quick access to them thanks toLAN or through such applications as: Amazon, Google Disk, Dropbox, OneDrive or Azure.


They are by far the best choice for companies that have small workstations, while at the same time being a convenient starter device for them. Its design guarantees the highest storage density on the market, beating other related products in this category to the head.

The ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies.

The Netgear ReadyNas device allows you to achieve amazing performance against competitive products thanks to switch Netgear. This function is especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and allows for extremely simple server operation. Switch Netgear supports VoIP communication, which is used for media streaming as well as multicast transmission. Workstations do their job in a special way, enabling the simultaneous use of many functions and applications that use the Internet connection intensively, such as Live Chat. Videoconferencing will therefore work flawlessly, and the quality itself will work to the highest standard.

With regard to the protection of our personal data and other important files on the Netgear ReadyNas server, we can be absolutely certain that they will not be stolen or otherwise destroyed in any way. Apart from the possibility of backup, server units have 5 levels of data protection.

  • Flex-RAID technology, including RAID 50 and RAID 60, which effectively protects our files from failure and provides better performance
  • Built-in-the-virus
  • Shuttering with unlimited shutters
  • Bit Rot protection function, which prevents file loss
  • Easy configuration of replication and backup services to public clouds or other devices ReadyNAS for emergency recovery

All 5 levels of protection of our data in the cloud are linked to one effective system that provides 100% protection for important files and sensitive personal data.

Netgear RR230400-100NES | NAS memory | READYNAS 2304 1U 4BAY GBE RACKMOUNT

An exceptional device that performs the main tasks of server unit is undoubtedly the model Netgear ReadyNasRR230400-100NES. This equipment equipped with a dual-core processor Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz is currently one of the most reputable devices for developing companies. Netgear ReadyNas server units using four disk bays in 1u 4bay technology allow for continuous operation of the device without the need to turn it off during disk swap. Additionally, in our case we can be one hundred percent sure that during such an exchange we will not lose our saved personal data or other files located in the device. So when one of our drives exhausts its memory, it is enough to buy another SATA/SSD 2.5" or 3.5" to exchange it without interrupting operation. All this with 1u 4bay.


Additionally, in addition to the previously mentioned four disk bays, the device offers us, among others, 2GB of RAM or 48TB maximum capacity of the already built in disk. This allows the server to be used simultaneously by almost 40 one at a time! This makes it a definite leader in terms of quality in a given price shelf. Moreover, Netgear ReadyNas has 3 ports USB or 2 portsGigabit LAN, which guarantee a simple and secure connection to the hardware at any time. All this with compact dimensions and a weight of only 4kg.


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