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Computer optical, fiber optic networks are one of the faster ways to provide Internet access to many people. Fibre optic cables are not only a distant technology in modern times - the installation completion is located in more than one house thanks to numerous ISPs using FTTH-related technologies. In response to the demand, the network equipment distributor offering good quality network equipment of the Totolink brand at attractive prices has introduced GPON ONU and GPON ONT devices allowing for economic network expansion and enrichment with new customers. Experience in the network market combined with the constant development of the offer allows us to provide devices refined in every detail of the type Integrated Access Device IAD, as well as simple terminals with a single interface.

Totolink GH4202

Multifunctional access devices

The ideal device integrated in one product will be GPON WiFi Totolink GH4202 with a single GPON 1x interface. The Gigabit Passive Optical Network standard allows high throughputs for both uplink and downlink in different standards: - I U-T G.984.1, G.984.2, G.984.3, G.984.4. The design of the device gives the possibility to share them in several ways. To connect to the Internet, the integrated device displays interfaces:

  • WiFi networks in specific standards IEEE 80211g, 802.11b, 802.11n,
  • 1x POTS 1x usb WiFi - IP phone via 1x RJ11 and USB port for easy data sharing,
  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports, including 1x dedicated port for IPTV.

The GPON WiFi router is not an ac1200 WiFi router, the IEEE 80211g, 802.11b and 802.11n standards supported are sufficient to cover most WiFi network requirements. Wireless networks covering, for example, the smart home or office and service spaces have optimal bandwidth in these standards, as most devices do not use their full potential anyway. The ability of rich configuration and remote management is ideal for both smaller and larger ISP implementations. The device from Totolink is like the Huawei HS8145V IAD, which also has 1x RJ11 POTS 2x USB WiFi interfaces.

A simple Totolink fiber optic terminal for own LAN implementations

Not every end user wants to use IAD, many prefer to build their own local infrastructure. Whether it's EPON ONT optical network terminal - fiber optic or next-generation GPON 1x, the fiber optic cables will lead to a signal, decoded and then forwarded to a 1x GE or FE interface. The Totolink brand proposal is a device GPON GS1000 dedicated to using FTTH. There is a 1x GE port available for users, allowing for smooth network access, both directly through the cable connected to the computer's network card and other network devices. Any WiFi router, access point or PoE switch can be connected to the terminal as required. For example, it can be a powerful multifunctional Totolink N300RT, which makes creating and configuring a local network extremely easy. Totolink as a network equipment distributor for a variety of applications can provide devices for complete local network configuration, with good scalability and high reliability at the best prices. Selected products can be found in a wide range of our store.

Faultaulting network infrastructure tailored

In our shop you can find many devices and accessories to build various implementations of local and long-distance networks. Whether it is wireless, wired or fiber optic optical network, we offer you only confirmed solutions for certain brands. Even simple accessories such as antennas, power strips or PoE power supplies are a well-thought-out choice of the best performing models. In addition to network solutions, we invite you to take advantage of a wide range of new technologies for home and business, thanks to which you can create a unique, intelligent space. Our offer is also a partnership program for customers and companies making larger purchases or wishing to establish long-term cooperation.

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