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Totolink CP300 | Access Point | 2,4Ghz, 300Mb/s, Outdoor, 1x RJ45 100Mb/s, 2x 11dBi
Product code: CP300
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Building a high-performance wireless infrastructure with good coverage does not always have to be difficult and expensive. The modern, compact Totolink client devices with excellent quality and transmission speed are the optimal solution where small, easy to use and powerful equipment is needed. The externalclient device with well thought-out functionality and two antennas with the ability to operatedual band is an intuitive configuration, safety and reliability. Durable wireless network using network transmitters provides transmission speed even 300 mbps at long distances. Totolink equipment, manufactured by Zioncom, which has been present on the dynamic network equipment market since 1999, is a combination of good quality and attractive price, and is suitable for many applications.

A simple and compact CPE Totolink

CPE client devices

When planning and setting up a long-distance WiFi network, it is worth remembering not only about efficient transmitting stations, but also about planning tailored access points, CPE client devices. It is worthwhile to take into account not only technical but also purely functional issues when making the choice.

  • the powers of the antennas, usually built-in,
  • operation frequency ranges, optionsdual band,
  • supported wireless network standards,
  • data rate,
  • possible WiFi network protection,
  • working modes, for example bridge, gate, ISP,
  • the sensitivity of reception,
  • interfaces and indicators,
  • power supply - PoE,
  • power supplies are usually optimal.

CPE Totolink is a perfect example of a

CPE Totolink is a simple and compact network device with many necessary functions that are sufficient for most classic applications. Intuitive in configuration, it supports WiFi routers such asTotolink A7000R through the possibility of an Ethernet cable connection, allowing you to create a SOHO orhome WiFi.


Intuitive configuration and reliability - CP300

client device

Small client device CP300 Totolink is a model that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Sealed housing provides durability even in harsh weather conditions. It can work in a wide range of temperatures as well as humidity. Powered in an optimal way by small PoE adapters in passive option. This allows only a single Ethernet cable to be routed to the device. It works according to theIEEE802.11n/g/b standards in the 2.4 GHz band, it is not a dual band model. Provides bandwidth allocation via QoS. ModernTotolinkclient devices provide a simple interface for configuration, allowing the device to operate in bridge, gateway or ISP modes. They enable remote management, access to statistics or software updates. In each of the WiFi network standards that are supported, high levels of security are available, which also have WiFi routers or WiFi access points. The CP300 has a single 100BaseTX 100BaseTX interface with automatic MDI/MDIX negotiation and is PoE compliant. In addition, it has built-in reset button, two powerful 11 dBi antennas and a number of LED indicators.

Efficient network infrastructure with

Do you decide to buy a client device, Totolink A7000R router or other branded equipment at a good price? A well-configured wireless network for short and long distances requires a variety of equipment and accessories. This and much more can be found in our offer. We offer comprehensive solutions related to the latest technologies, various types of networks, innovative products for the home. We cooperate with modern companies, Internet service providers, individual customers. We also offer a partnership program for larger customers. Many years of experience on the European market makes us able to offer the best products tailored to individual requirements. Check our full offer on and bet on quality at the best prices!

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