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Veniibot - the intelligent vacuum cleaner manufacturer

Veniibot's state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners feature a unique pressure mopping technology. The unique mechanism is used in robots from the Max Mopping and Vacuum Robot product categories. The ground pressure is the result of upgrading the earlier models of cleaning robots. An important feature of the unique mechanism is the uniform pressure force. The Veniibot mop presses down on the floor with a force of 10 N, making cleaning much more effective and the surface remains spotless. If you want a perfectly clean floor, look no further than Veniibot's pressure mopping technology.

Unbeatable Veniibot

Veniibot cleaning robots don't just move the mop across the surfaces being cleaned like other AI-based cleaning devices. Exerting just the right amount of pressure on the floor is what makes Veniibot smart vacuums worth choosing. The user reviews speak for themselves. They express themselves in superlatives and are delighted with how accurate the cleaning robots can be. With the innovative Veniibot devices, the manufacturer breaks all stereotypes about the lack of pressure during cleaning.

    Veniibot robots - user reviews:
  • Perfectly cleans the floor throughout the apartment,
  • Has lots of sensors and provides 100% safety,
  • Easy to use, intuitive app with memory for several maps,
  • Very capacious battery ensures long work on maximum speed,
  • Useful solution - two water containers,
  • Comes with a convenient, large garbage bag.

Safe Veniibot cleaning robots

Veniibot cleaning robots have laser navigation that allows them to work safely in all conditions. The advanced laser radar as well as SLAM system creates detailed maps inside all rooms.

The technologies used in the machine are integrated with each other to create a perfect Veniibot intelligent vacuum cleaner full of the latest solutions: infrared, inertial navigation, and a system of sensors allow the robot to arrange the interior space. The machine can clean the surface more efficiently, also following a zigzag track.

Two water tanks and a large waste bag

The docking station has up to two water tanks. This ensures that clean water is stored in one container, while dirty water is collected separately. Veniibot devices are equipped with the Veniibot N1 Max mop washing system and clean the floor much more thoroughly than cleaning robots without such solutions.

Users point to the convenience of a large dust bag with a capacity of up to 1l. In normal use, this capacity is enough for a whole week's worth of trash. Owners of Veniibot smart vacuum cleaners know that it's a good idea to get disposable bags that you take out and throw away when full. It's more convenient than cleaning a reusable bag.

Veniibot smart vacuum cleaners

The mobile, dedicated app on Veniibot devices is equipped with rich control features. With the automatic control, it is possible to set the on time, intensive cleaning in the indicated place, and exclusion from cleaning specific areas of the apartment. It is possible to save several maps and switch them with a single click.

The navigation that Veniibot devices are equipped with is actually a laser radar and simultaneous localization and mapping system for indoor mapping. The integrated sensors help the robot to master the space of the entire apartment in the central part and on the sides.

High capacity battery Veniibot N1 Max

Veniibot devices run on a high capacity battery. 5200 mAh provides a working time of more than two hours. On a single charge, N1 Max can easily clean an area of 120 square meters.

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