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Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro | Repeater Wi-FI | 2,4GHz, 300Mb/s
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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2 White | Wi-Fi USB Repeater | 2,4GHz, 300Mb/s, USB
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WifiFi signal boosters - how do they work?

When signing an agreement with the Internet provider, we expect the highest link speed, uninterrupted by any interference, In case the actual speed is much lower than declared in the signed documents, the best option will be to purchase a good quality WiFi signal amplifier. This will not only improve the quality of the signal, but also significantly extend it, in case, for example, the Internet does not reach the nearby area we occupy. The WiFi range amplifier receives the router's signal, processes it, amplifies it and forwards it to all nearby receiving devices


You should decide to buy a WiFi amplifier when:

  • signal range is very limited, which makes it difficult to use the Internet in places far from the router
  • walls within the router significantly reduce the range
  • The network signal is of poor quality, which often interrupts when using it
  • there are other signal sources near the router, jamming our WiFi
  • When choosing the right signal amplifier, it is worth paying attention not only to the transmission speed, but also to the supported bandwidth and WiFi standards.

    Xiaomi - the brand of the future

    The Xiaomi brand, founded on 6 April 2010, is a well-known and recognized company producing not only smartphones, but also all kinds of electronic equipment. This is confirmed by the fact that phones such as Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro are on the list of 10 most popular phones in Q4 2019. Customers appreciate this brand primarily for the combination of high quality and the lowest prices offered on the market, as Xiaomi's sales do not exceed 5% margin.

    Xiaomi signal amplifiers

    There are many brands on the market offering WiFi range amplifiers, but Xiaomi amplifiers available in the online storeBatna24 offer the highest quality combined with low price. One of the most popular models isXiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2, which thanks to the built-in antip PCB significantly increases the router signal and the download and upload speed. This device maintains a stable connection and increases the range of the WiFi signal, and what distinguishes Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2, is the ability to amplify the signal for up to 16 devices. Transmission speed reaches as much as 300 Mbps, which is a rare result when using the router itself. The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2 amplifier is compact due to its power supply via USB port and the possibility of any setting within 180 degrees. Thanks to this, the device connected to a laptop provides a high data flow, and a dedicated application connected to our smartphone allows for full control of the signal over the entire area of the amplifier.

    One of the equally good signal amplifiers available atBatna24, isXiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro. The device is equipped with an advanced external 2x2 antenna, which allows you to keep the transmission speed at a high level 300 Mbps. Moreover, thanks toMi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro the WiFi signal is significantly expanded, which greatly increases the convenience of using electronic equipment. What distinguishes most Xiaomi accessories is the ability to connect them to a dedicated smartphone application. In this case, by scanning a special QR code we can pair the device and manage it from the phone screen.Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro provides signal amplification for up to 16 devices by placing it in a place that provides the highest quality WiFi signal. For this purpose, it is best to place it between the router and the dead zone, which can be easily checked in Mi Home.


    Batna24 is one of the main distributors of electronic equipment Xiaomi and has higher quality WiFi signal amplifiers from this manufacturer. There are the most popular modelsMi WiFi Repeater 2 andXiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro, which will significantly improve the quality of the Internet coming from the router.

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