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Zyxel Aurora CAM3115 | IP Camera | Full HD, cloud based, wireless
Product code: BATZYX CAM3115
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The ZyXELMonitoring cameras are extremely compact and functional IP cameras. They allow independent use, or create a comprehensive home monitoring system. These products help to configure advancedintelligent home. The use of good qualityIP camera is a security and control over your home even when you are away from it. Check out the possibilities offered by ZyXEL's branded networking equipment. Choose complete solutions from a Taiwanese company with over thirty years of tradition. Take care of the safety of yourself and your loved ones with a modern WiFi.

network camera system.

A compact and functional wireless camera

The contemporary home monitoring equipment or SOHO significantly differs from that of several years ago. Small, often designer devices have high quality image sensors and are managed entirely withinLANG>/strong> or Internet. Sophisticated ZyXEL IP cameras provide a video stream, based on the cloud. This makes local storage media, microSD memory cards or hard drives redundant. A dynamic backup is created on remote servers. The wireless camera is equipped with a WiFi network card and depending on the model also a Bluetooth module. The CAM3115 model is an example of a complete intelligent solution that can perform many functions after initial configuration and installation. The design includes:

  • high quality Sony's image converterFull-HD capable perfectly even in harsh lighting conditions,
  • base and mounting accessories,
  • USB-C,
  • power cord
  • window with LED lighting that simultaneously indicates the operating status of the device,
  • On button, speaker, microphone.

These are stand-alone monitoring sets that can be combined into private systems thanks to the application. Each network camera is a system with the possibility of voice two-way communication.Equipped with a loudspeaker allows the use of an IP camera as a video intercom or an electronic nanny. Motion sensors or the possibility of programming a work schedule is a chance to create a multifunctional device.Video accessoriesto the camera allow you to extend its functionality, for example with an audio alarm module or PoE power supply. Thanks to the latter, even several devices can be powered from one source, using PoE switches effectively replacing power strips.

IP cameras available from anywhere

For its video equipment, ZyXEL has developed a designed Aurora application. It is available for a variety of hardware platforms, Android and IOS, in multiple languages. It makes the management of the camera is simple, and access to the image is possible after logging in from almost anywhere on earth where there is Internet access. The manufacturer together with the network camera provides cloud space free of charge, where it can be created on an ongoing basis backup image of IP cameras. Buying a camera you buy a comprehensive solution, its full functionality is available without additional subscriptions. You can easily ensure the safety of your property, family, animals. Remote software update, switching on the LEDs, the ability to quickly add another camera, naming - the smart home becomes a complete monitoring system. Wireless camera is a good solution also as an outdoor camera. However, it is worth to first check the permissible operating conditions of the device, especially the range of temperatures, humidity and possible IPX.


Modern network equipment and new ZyXEL technologies

There is a comprehensive offer of products from a wide range of new technologies available in our shop. It is not only specialized network equipment helping to build reliableLAN networks, but also devices included in the installationsmart homeoroffice. Innovativewide IP intercoms, monitoring systems and cameras and a number of other electronic equipment and accessories can be found in one place. We invite you to shop safely in our online store, and in case of problems, our professional technical support is also waiting for you.

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