FIMI X8 Se 2022 Combo | Drone | 2x battery + carrying bag, 4K, GPS, 10km range

CODE: FIMI X8 SE 2022 COMBO / EAN: 6974432550089

FIMI X8 Se 2022 Combo | Drone | 2x battery + carrying bag, 4K, GPS, 10km range

CODE: FIMI X8 SE 2022 COMBO / EAN: 6974432550089
516,90 EUR without VAT (net)
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TheFIMI X8 Se 2022 is the perfect drone for anyone regardless of skill. The maximum range of the drone is up to 10 km thanks to RokLink technology. The X8 SE provides up to 35 minutes of flight time on a single charge. The device combines an extremely lightweight 3-axis stabilizer with the latest control algorithms. All this ensures smooth and stable video footage regardless of the conditions.

fimi x8 se 2022

Benefits of the Fimi X8 SE 2022 drone

  • Sony 1/2 inch CMOS sensor
  • F1.6 aperture
  • HDR Photo & Video
  • 10km range with RokLink technology
  • Remote Controller
  • Rain and snow resistance
  • High wind resistance
  • Gimbal with 3-axis stabilization
  • Flight Planning and Intelligent Tracking
  • Panorama and timelapse modes
  • SAR (Search and Rescue) mode
  • Flight time up to 35 min
  • Transmission frequency 2.4 GHz

Sony 1/2-inch CMOS sensor

Sony's upgraded 1/2-inch 48MP CMOS sensor with a large 1.6um pixel size based on "Quad Bayer" pixel technology effectively reduces noise and produces sharp 12M images during aerial nighttime filming. Sony's built-in native exposure control with signal processing technology provides 4 times more dynamic range than traditional CMOS sensors.

fimi x8 se 2022 sony sensor

Large aperture F 1.6

The larger aperture of the FIMI X8SE 2022 camera allows more light to pass through, effectively reducing noise. With greater light sensitivity, the camera accurately captures more color and detail when filming in low light.

fimi x8 se 2022 aperture 1.6

HDR videos and photos

With support for HDR movies and photos, the FIMI X8SE 2022 makes photos look stunning by preserving the original details, light and color tones of a scene or subject, With HDR capabilities, the visual experience of any movie rises to a whole new level.

fimi x8 se 2022 hdr photos & videos

Super pictures of night scenes

With multi-frame fusion noise reduction technology and a large 1/2" sensor aperture, the FIMI X8SE 2022 allows you to capture the nighttime details necessary to create cinema-grade footage.

fimi x8 se 2022 night mode

RokLink transmission system 10 km

RokLink's enhanced third-generation high-definitiondigital video transmission system with adaptive stream coding technology provides superior transmission distance up to 10 km and lower latency, helping you explore and capture beauty over longer distances.

fimi x8 se 2022

Remote control

The remote control is designed in an original and ergonomic way to provide better grip and comfort. Featuring detachable joysticks and a sliding case, the controller is compatible with all smartphones and even tablets, including the iPad Mini.

fimi x8 se 2022 controller

Rain and snow resistance

The drone is rain and snow resistant, so the weather will not affect your flights. Even if it rains or snows, you can fly safely and the drone will return home without worry.

fimi x8 se 2022 rain and snow resistant

Wind resistance

The power system, combined with the drone's lightweight design, provides a higher thrust-to-weight ratio and supports wind resistance up to level 8.

fimi x8 se 2022 wind resistance

3-axis mechanical gimbal

A third generation LOS stabilization algorithm, a high-precision 0.0050-accuracy control sensor, and a fully enclosed servo system contribute to perfect real-time vibration suppression, allowing you to enjoy silky-smooth videos.

fimi x8 se 2022 gimbal

Mobile application

All-new user interface, more intuitive to use. Plug and play connection between controller and cell phone via OTG cable, no complicated settings. Share live aerial video with friends via social media platforms.

fimi x8 se 2022 application


Technical data
Dimensions 204 x 106 x 72.6 mm (after folding)
Diagonal length 372 mm
Weight 768 g (including battery)
Memory card Up to 256 GB
Recommended U3 Micro SD memory card
No card included
Hovering Accuracy ± 0.1m (within ultrasonic detection range)
± 0.5m (when GPS is active) Horizontal 1.5m
Max. climb rate 5 m/s
Max. fall speed 4 m/s
Max. speed 18 m/s
Max. flight time 35 min (at 8 m/s, no wind)
Wind resistance Level 8
Maximum height 800 m
Positioning systems GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU
Operating frequency 2.400 GHz - 2.4835 GHz
Option Combo version (2x battery bag)
516,90 EUR without VAT (net)
Out of stock
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