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Solutions like Smart Home are becoming more and more desirable and popular at the same time. Innovative and most modern solutions are created by Ubiquiti company. The brand is constantly developing, offering customers amazing devices that can be easily controlled with an application on your phone. Security, convenience and control over all devices - this is the Unifi Access system from Ubiquiti. Get to know it and find out how many advantages it has. Find out also about other solutions for the home.
Ubiquiti is a brand whose products can be found in our store and we constantly expand our offer with new devices from this manufacturer. We do it not without reason, because Ubiquiti constantly introduces innovations and improvements, thanks to which using network and implementing modern intelligent solutions is easier, more pleasant and much more effective. Both in the case of solutions for homes and businesses. Ubiquiti does not disappoint and released new switches - Ubiquiti USW-LITE-8-POE and Ubiquiti USW-LITE-16-POE. Meet them!
The year 2020 was revolutionary in many ways. During it, the use of modern network solutions and the need for high-quality equipment that guarantees stable operation of a high-speed network have become much more widespread. What were the most significant events and what has changed?
A team of researchers led by George Rademacher (NICT, Japan), Nicolas K. Fontaine (NOKIA Bell Labs, USA) and Pierre Sillard (Prysimian Group, USA) has succeeded in the world's first transmission exceeding 1 petabit per second, in a single core multimode optical fiber.
Access to the Internet is already the basis of every office and household. Thanks to a stable connection it is possible to work efficiently and have fun. The network is also the operation of many small household appliances, which connect via Wi-Fi and thus can meet the highest expectations. The use of LTE. is becoming increasingly popular.
Ensuring the safety of your family as well as your company is invaluable. That is why it is worth investing in the best solution that will allow you to control your company and residential buildings. The UniFi Protect system was created as an answer to the needs of home and business users. All the functionality you need and much more in one proven system. Find out more about UniFi Protect! UniFi Protect - what is it?
December holidays are a time of meetings with the family, eating together, feasting and talking. However, these moments require special preparation. They concern not only the meals, but also the order. However, it is worth spending as much free time as possible on resting and not focusing on making the floors and windows perfect. If you want to minimize the number of duties, and at the same time buy equipment that will help you every day, it is necessary to check our proposals. In this text we will introduce you to the equipment that will become the greatest convenience in everyday household chores.
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