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EzViz C6TC - WiFi rotating camera

Among the many devices tested and described by us, the surveillance camera section also deserves attention. We have already had a chance to test Imilab cameras, some very interesting cameras from Chinese giant Xiaomi: Mi Home Security Camera 1080p (magnetic mount) and Mi Home Security Camera Basic. We have also compared home monitoring cameras in the price range of 100-300 PLN (Xiaomi, EzViz and Hikvision). In this article we will present the latest work of EzViz, a subsidiary of Hikvision, which is the world's leading and one of the largest manufacturers of CCTV systems.
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What is EZVIZ C6TC?

The C6TC is a Wifi PTZ camera that offers all the features you would expect from a webcam. Full HD, cloud storage of recordings, night vision and local storage via MicroSD card. But in this case, the main advantage of the EzViz C6TC camera is the huge pan and tilt field to allow for a much larger coverage area. In the rest of this article, we will focus on just that...
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WiFi rotating camera

Ezviz has created a camera that is very compact in size. It is not much bigger than a sizeable apple (the fruit, not the company). Height only 90mm, diameter 100mm and weight 220g. All this makes the camera can be placed in any, the most ideal place for us. The camera is so aesthetically pleasing that it will find its place literally in any location.
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On the back of the camera, you'll find a MicroSD card slot (up to 128GB), a power jack, and a Fast Ethernet LAN port. The Ezviz C6TC WiFi camera offers Full HD 1080p recording at 15FPS and 720p recording at 30FPS. It is also equipped with a 4mm F2.2 lens with a horizontal viewing angle of 72° and a diagonal viewing angle of 92°. The most important feature is the very high panning capability. The camera can tilt up to 80° upwards, but only 10° downwards, and it can swivel up to 340° on its axis. Additionally, the camera has a built-in speaker and microphone, to ensure two-way communication. When it comes to WiFi, only the 2.4GHz band (802.11b/g/n) is available, and the night vision has a range of 10 meters, thanks to infrared LEDs.

Configuration and features of EzViz C6TC

We must admit that nowadays, the configuration of Smart Home devices is trivial. Manufacturers are trying to make the installation and configuration of devices, was very fast and efficient, using a free application. Just a few clicks on "Next" and many times the device is installed and configured at the ready.
The same is true for EzviZ C6TC. To configure the camera, all you need to do is:
  • connect the device to a power source
  • install the app (available for iOS and Android platforms)
  • create a user account through the app
  • register the camera
  • connect to a WiFi network
  • and that's it! After these steps the camera is configured and ready to use.
    As mentioned earlier, the C6TC is a PTZ camera, so there are no motion detection zones. There wouldn't be anything wrong with that, if it weren't for the fact that you would want to mount the camera in a location where you separate a zone that you don't want to monitor. In the case of C6TC it is impossible. But after all, our camera will rotate and tilt to track any movement, so setting up motion zones is completely pointless. And what's important! The EzViz app allows for a very detailed level of personalization. For example, we can set the notification schedule, motion detection sensitivity, and notification sound level in great detail.
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Storage of recordings - CloudPlay

Like other WiFi cameras available on the market, EziViz C6TC, offers us the possibility to record events both on MicroSD card, as well as we have the ability to store recordings in the CloudPlay cloud. Unfortunately, but the free trial version is 7 days, after this period we can extend the subscription for another 23 days. Unfortunately, after this period, we have to buy access to the cloud. When buying a camera, you need to keep this fact in mind.
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Notification system and recording quality

We have to admit that the C6TC has a very decent notification system, and in this day and age this is extremely important! After setting up and enabling the notification system, you will receive a notification to your phone within a few seconds after motion is detected. Noteworthy is also the time of sending notifications! The camera sends relevant notifications very quickly. The same happens in the case of video playback. The video is already available after a few seconds. Although the image at the beginning seems a little slower, but only after a while, we have quick and smooth access to our recordings.
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As for the recording quality itself, it is really at a very high level(1080p) both in day and night mode. The EzViz C6TC does a great job of switching between day/night modes when recording video. Although in low light, when not quite triggering the night vision, you may notice subtle grain and artifacts. However, in good light or with night vision, the quality of the recorded image is really excellent. You might even be tempted to say that the image quality is more than sufficient. Without any problems you can identify faces or other details (even from a distance).
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EzViz Studio - application for PC

It is also very important to have access to the camera view from your PC or laptop/notebook. Well, EzViz provides us with an extremely convenient and functional Windows application called Ezviz Studio. We can download it for free and we also do not incur any fees while using it.
Ezviz Studio has a very clear and intuitive interface. We get access to live viewing of up to 25 cameras simultaneously, all recorded alarm events, video recordings and a complete library of all taken pictures. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that all recordings are encrypted and require a verification code to access the preview. The verification code can be found on the camera label.
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Camera features EzViz C6TC

  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • H.264 compression
  • WiFi 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n
  • 90° vertical, 340° horizontal pan range
  • PTZ control from Ezviz app
  • Object tracking function
  • Privacy masking function
  • Motion detection with instant notification to app
  • Dual password protection: Ezviz account password and video encryption password
  • Digital WDR
  • Infrared filter
  • 3D DNR noise reduction

Is it worth buying EzViz C6TC?

Considering the wide selection of WiFi cameras available on the market, the EzViz C6TC clearly stands out. Both the price, the multitude of features, as well as the capabilities of the mobile application, deserve recognition. Starting with the easy installation, very user-friendly application, innovative design and, as I mentioned before, an impressive set of features, all this makes using the C6TC camera, is just pure pleasure. But after all, given the experience of both EzViz and Hikvision in the professional CCTV market, we shouldn't be surprised.
Generalizing, EzViz C6TC offers us great features, excellent image quality, the ability to store recordings on the local MicroSD card (and for a fee in the cloud) and most importantly a very good value for money! Of course, in our store you will find many more wifi cameras from EzViz and beyond. We invite you to shop!
For more information you can find our online forum at www.forum.batna24.com.

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C6TC | IP Camera | WiFi, FullHD, 1080p, 360 panoramic view, Night Vision
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TY2 | IP Camera | 2,4GHz WiFi, FullHD, 1080p, Tilt and Pan, Night View
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C3WN | IP Camera | WiFi, FullHD, 1080p, Night Vision, IP66
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