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Extralink C-RUT240 | Enclosure | for external antennas with RUT240 included
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Building for the EXTRALINK ANTENNA

The construction of our home wireless network requires a lot of work. The first one is to purchase all the necessary devices and accessories. It is very important to take care of a special housing that will protect our antennas.

Anaerobatic housings

When building a network, wireless antennas are very important elements that will provide us with signal transmission. It is extremely important that these antennas are protected in such a way that no external factors can harm them. We need specially designed housings for this purpose, which will provide our antennas with protection against rain, snow, frost or burning sun.

Housing for panel antennae

One of the most popular products of this type are panel antenna housings. For this purpose it is also necessary to protect other elements that we used for building the network, e.g. antenna cables, media converters, or fiber optics. This type of equipment requires protection to ensure long life and trouble-free operation. Just like in the case of a computer, where the casing gives protection to all important internal components of the graphics card, sound card, motherboard (when making a purchase it is worth to consider the choice of routerboard), while providing the possibility of proper ventilation, so in the case of mounting such a device as a 24ghz antenna it is necessary to protect it properly.

Panel antenna accessories

When building a network, we will also need elements for installation such as mounting brackets, lan patchpanels, which are worth checking during purchase, as many manufacturers add them to the casing - the casing comes with them. The outer casing is very easy to install, which takes just a moment. Aluminum enclosure works very well in practice, it is also worth to pay attention to rf elements products, which, similarly to Extralink, are characterized by very high quality and excellent technological parameters. The antenna housing is a very important part of it, similarly to other network elements. Use of e.g. antenna cables or fiber optic pitagles would not be possible without dedicated shields. Therefore, let's take care of our equipment and we will be able to enjoy its perfect operation for a long time. It is worth to take care of personal protective equipment during each work so that the work can be done safely.

Lte and wifi networks - gpon ont

The use of antennas in the construction of lan fiber optic network requires the purchase of many additional devices and accessories, such as: fiber optic connectors, surge protection devices, poe injectors, fiber optic patchcords, fiber optic welders, which are used to connect cables, in this case, are fiber optic cables, as well as fiber optic adapters, fiber optic splitters. Thanks to this solution, we are able to use many devices, the operation of which is closely related to the Internet network - rechargeable powerbanks, electric vehicles, cordless headphones, tablet phones or tablet accessories. The operation of all these devices depends on a stable Internet connection. Computer components used to build a network of rf pigtails, power strips, network cards can be safely stored in optimal conditions provided by rack cabinets. Rack cabinets (and dedicated rack accessories) allow you to organize cables and all equipment. Rack cabinets offer two possibilities of mounting - hanging (it should be hung on dedicated holders, which are usually included in the set of extraction handles), and standing. In the first version, a rack can store equipment of low weight up to a maximum of 60 kg, while standing cabinets can store equipment weighing up to 1000 kg. Most of the equipment such as lte routers, external drives and other lan accessories are of uniform size, which mostly fit into racks.

Outer housings

When buying an external enclosure, it is worth to pay attention to its protective parameters. Most often it is IP55. In many cases it is enough to apply additional protection by sealing a drain hole in the casing to obtain a casing with IP66. The products we offer are made with the utmost care. In order to make the casing suitable for outdoor installation look perfect for a long time during the production process, it is covered with a special paint, which has a very high resistance to UV radiation, which allows for two-way operation because apart from its ideal appearance, it provides users with additional protection against radio interference, and those that may be caused by weather conditions.

Roteboard platforms and mounting accessories

Some devices are inside, so indoor enclosures are also very popular. Network construction is based on the assembly of many devices, each of which has an important, unique function, and omitting any of them results in poor operation of the entire network. Without a good quality wifi antenna we can forget about good quality of wireless connection. Similarly, the highest quality devices such as: wifi routers or signal amplifiers at a device such as panel antenna will allow us to get high signal. An ideal solution for people who build wireless network in multi-level buildings, or large areas, is to buy devices such as access points.

Shopping for Batna24

All the products we offer are selected based on such parameters as high quality of workmanship. Therefore, our offer includes devices and mounting elements that are strictly selected by us: sfp modules, SC/UPC connectors, audio video monitoring devices, or ready-made monitoring kits (monitoring cameras - ip cameras), fiber optic accessories, housings for routers, antenna housings, lan copper cables, fiber optic pigtails, lte antennas, voltage converters, as well as other network devices, computer accessories, mesh systems, and all necessary elements for building wireless networks. Our sales department is at your disposal. Similarly, we provide technical support, which we provide at a dedicated telephone number 48 703 402 862 (making this call involves an additional charge of 2.58 PLN/ per minute of call). By accepting cookies, you will be able to count on an offer tailored to individual preferences. The rules of sale that we apply are set out in the terms and conditions of sale on our website. We make every effort to ensure that the high quality of our services and proposed articles is always in the first place. When we exchange equipment for a new one, it is worth remembering that environmental protection is our common interest. We return used electronic equipment to a special point or use the service of collecting electro-waste, which appears periodically in every city. Please check the correctness of your personal data, because an error or failure to provide your personal data may result in a delay in shipping the products you have purchased. If you notice any anomaly in your data, report the error and we will try to help you as soon as possible. In case of any problems with the choice of equipment, it is worth to use the live chat option, where our qualified staff will answer frequently asked questions. You are welcome to go shopping.

Antennas provide us with very fast data transmission. Nowadays, almost all home and office devices require a Wifi connection: office devices, console accessories, laptop accessories, multifunctional devices allow you to use additional functions when they have permanent Internet access. Most TVs have a built-in android tv service, which allows for many additional features - Netflix or other movie platforms. Therefore, let's take care of our antennas, and in return we will get an uninterrupted Internet connection.

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