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Extralink | Rack mount case | dedicated for 7 port PoE switch
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One of the most important elements of the equipment of any network is the router and it is its casing that allows it to work properly, thus protecting all the delicate elements contained inside. The casing of the router can be classified as an external equipment of the Internet network.

Router housings, network transmitters, signal amplifiers

The router's design provides protection for the entire device as well as the security of lan ports and other accessories. The protection includes primarily negative external factors that could harm the router. This type of protection is a must if you want to be sure that all systems work properly. Mounting accessories are usually attached to the router housing. Installation of the enclosure is very simple and does not take much time.

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Router is a device which works by dividing the Internet signal into many devices and giving each of them an IP address. Nowadays many devices need access to the Internet in order to work properly, and also to use all functions available in them. Webcams, tool programs, small agd (e.g. microwave ovens, coffee makers and even very modern ironing boards), as well as multifunctional devices, digital SLR cameras or ip cameras, air purifiers, TV tuners can be conveniently operated with a smatphone, tablet or other mobile device. Therefore, effective signal distribution to so many devices, whose number is constantly growing, is essential. When building a wifi network, we have to take this aspect into account, and when buying a router we have to choose one whose parameters will handle as many devices as we need. When providing access to the Internet, lan network, for all devices that need it, the router creates a local network. This network uses a separate pool of IP addresses, and the allocation of these addresses to individual devices only applies within the internal network. If you look at the network from outside, each device connected to the same router will be visible under the same IP address. The throughput of routers is extremely different, ranging from 150 to 2350 Mbps. The more devices we plan to connect to the router, the better device we should buy. This is connected with a higher cost, but if we buy a router with too low parameters, over time we will have to replace it anyway with one that will handle all our devices, so it makes no sense to save on this purchase.


When building a network, it is also necessary to supply rack cabinets. These will keep the power cables, emergency power supplies in order. In addition, this type of rack is ideal for storing other devices such as hard drives and network cards, as well as data carriers and laptop accessories. Rack cabinets have very good ventilation, which allows you to keep your equipment in good condition for a long time.

Work stations, docking stations

This function is only one and basic in the router. Today's routers have a much wider range of tasks providing a firewall, take on the function of print server, modem, access point, or major VPN gateway. Huge desktops or landlines, which not long ago were our only connection to the outside world, are now gone, modern children will not even remember them. The contemporary reality is: interactive whiteboards, graphic tablets, flash memories, office devices, voip gates, these are concepts that contemporary children's youth know, because the Intranet is everyday life and something completely obvious to them. Therefore, when creating a network, we must remember about the high transfer requirements that a modern family has.

Extralink dynamite

The installation of a very efficient network is extremely important, but we must also be aware that a very fast internet, we won't do anything if the equipment we have at our disposal has poor parameters. If we have access to the latest generation of LTE Internet, and our smartphone or tablet (tablet accessories and other accessories) will have little frame memory it will not do us any good, because the parameters of our equipment will not be able to handle such a fast transmission anyway. The situation is similar when building a LAN network, each element that will be supported by it should be characterized by sufficient parameters, so that the highest quality transfer will be felt while using the network. Therefore, computers, laptops (as well as office programs, mass storage devices, monitor accessories, external drives, as well as operating systems, memory cards, memory cards or memory card readers) must have such parameters that the potential of the network can be used. When planning the construction of the Internet network, it is necessary to consider all these aspects and implement the conclusions we will draw from them. Such a procedure guarantees us usefulness of the network for a really long time, and connecting many devices at once such as laser printers (school supplies) is possible wirelessly, so the number of ports on our device is irrelevant.

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Shopping in our shop is very simple and intuitive, you can search for interesting products in the most convenient way for you - by entering the product code, name, or searching for a product from the categories prepared by us. We specialize primarily in network equipment, which includes, among others, network devices. Before buying, always check the availability of selected products. In our offer we have many products that will allow you to create a network of the best quality, including: gsm accessories, power strips, wifi antennas, car cameras. We can also offer our customers: wireless headphones, wifi (mesh systems), digital, headsets, portable speakers. In our shop you will also find the latest equipment for sports watches, digital cameras, electric scooters and the latest smartphones. You will also buy devices (e.g. camera accessories) which will allow you to create a smart home.

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When performing any work, it is worthwhile to equip oneself with protective equipment to ensure safety during assembly operations. We invite you to go shopping. It is worth remembering to always choose the highest quality devices, regardless of whether you buy: mice, keyboards and other pointing devices, suction discs, stationery, optical drives.

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