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Extralink Sedir | Media converter | 1x SFP, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s, MC220 replacement
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We are all used to fast data transfer in lte, or in wifi, we can get very good parameters in this area also in home or office lan network. Fiber optic technology allowed us to enter the next stage of development, however, this solution entails the need to purchase many devices necessary to create this type of network. One of them is media converter.

Media converter Extralink

Converter (1x sfp 1000m 1x rj45, sfp 1000m 1x rj45 1000m) is a very useful device that combines two functions of receiver and transmitter at the same time. As far as computer networks are concerned, a special variety of this type of device is the media converter. It is responsible for converting the signal from optical fiber into a signal that flows in twisted-pair cable, or vice versa (from copper cable to optical fiber) if necessary. These devices are mainly used in places where long distance transmission is necessary. The converter can operate on two fibers or on one of them.

Sedir fiber ethernet media converter (extralink sedir fiber ethernet media)

Media converter generally speaking, it is not supposed to connect networks that are based on twisted-pair optical fibers. Sedir fiber ethernet media (rj45 1000m gigabit replacement mc220) allows to connect fiber optic cables with ftputp copper cables. There is a slot here to connect ethernet cable 1x sfp. port. The implementation and expansion of Ethernet is essential, so devices like media converters allow this service to grow. Extralink sedir allows you to expand the fiber network over a distance of up to 80 km (80km lc, for smaller distances the module is recommended 40km lc, range up to 40 km). At the same time, operation of the device and its installation is very intuitive and simple. What device can be monitored on an ongoing basis by checking diagnostic LEDs, which, as in most devices of this type, are located on the front panel.

Sedir Ethernet fiber (mc220 substitute) - ethernet media converter 1x

The use of copper cable is still one of the most popular technological solutions. The use of twisted-pair cable undoubtedly has many advantages, which include, above all, relatively low cost and ease of use of connections. This type of network is used with monitoring elements. However, at present, a very big disadvantage, which discredits such a solution in many areas, is not optimal - the potential of many devices is not used. What is more, the distances in the case of some applications cannot be too long, there is a possibility of improving connection quality by signal amplifiers (access points), but such a solution, especially in the case of large areas, turns out to be uneconomic, because with the increase of distance the probability of interference increases. In such a situation it is worth to consider using a fiber optic connection, which undoubtedly increases the possibility of using the potential of many devices and applications e.g. those used in industry. Here the use of converters is very important. Media converter which converts, i.e. enables connection of lan network, with fiber optic network - enables conversion of media between copper and fiber optic cables (fiber optic transmitter sfp, 1x sfp).

Network converters - ethernet media converter 1x sfp

Converters (1x sfp 1000m 1x) of this type apart from their basic function, i.e. that they provide media transmission between copper and fiber optic cables, they also supply power to the end device. This function is particularly useful when using wireless acess point. Converters (1x rj45 1000m Gigabit replacement) will also usually provide the right power supply, because they have built-in systems that control the level of power supplied to the device. 950sfp is fiber optic media converter, a converter that converts transmission at different speeds, as well as different types of media. The Ethernet cable (with different transmission standards of Gigabit Ethernet) can be connected to the converter, which has a minimum of 1x Ethernet port and in this way you can get a connection to the very high speed Internet that fiber optic networks offer. The useful auto mdimdix function, which can be found in any modern network device, with an 8P8C connector that automatically recognizes whether the network cable that is connected to it is cross-linked or simple.

Media converter 1x sfp 1000m

Converter 1x rj45 1000m gigabit Ethernet (1000m 1x rj45 1000m gigabit) is one of the most popular devices. When building a fiber optic network, it is necessary to use many accessories in addition to media converters, among others: ethernet switches 1x sfp port 1000m, sfp port 1000m 1x rj45, 1x sfp port 1000m 1x, sfp modules (or sfp module) compatible with switches 40km lc ddm (40km lc ddm), 1000baselx sm. When buying network equipment, it is always worth to bet on quality. Especially during the construction of a fiber optic network or the purchase of such elements as computer components, because its longevity depends not only on cables but also on dedicated accessories. The converters can also have extensive functions - the device can be connected to a computer via USB, and many other devices that are equipped with an RS422 port can be connected to them, e.g. scales tagging the converters.

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