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Huawei AP7052DE | Access point | AC WAVE2 MIMO 4x4, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 1x RJ45 1/2.5/5Gb/s, 1x USB
Product code: HUAWEI AP7052DE
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Access points Huawei are advancednew generation network devices with very high bandwidth, the ability to connect many devices equipped with network cards, excellent parameters forvideo conferencing and a number of other features useful for smaller and larger companies. Depending on the model, these are devices with compact dimensions, built-in antennas and MIMO 4 x 4 or 2 x 2 capabilities. Check out modern access devicesaccess points from Huawei and choose the best network equipment from an experienced Chinese manufacturer. Huawei is an innovative provider of network solutions from a very wide market segment, both for single, individual implementations such as simple LTE modems or smartphones, as well as professional or business needs, such as Huawei Smartax EA5800 new generation OLT terminal. Excellent technical specification, new generation solutions combined with irreplaceable customer service are the main features of devices and software from Huawei.


Professional access point Huawei

A advanced business model access point is a reliable device, whose technical specification includes modern technologies and standards. Choose youraccess points among scalable solutions adapted to the size of your network, number of potential users, maximum throughput, for example:

  • Huawei AP2050dnsis owned byaccess points next generation from Huawei, typewall plate, supports802.11ac Wave 2,mode 2 x 2 MIMO, 2 spatial streams, to high density space,
  • Huawei AP4050dnwall AP z802.11ac Wave 2 and 2 x 2 MIMO mode, two spatial streams, built-in high density smart antenna,
  • Huawei AP7052DE equipped with WiFi802.11ac Wave 2, MIMO 4 x 4, meets the Huawei high-bandwidth video standards, additionally 1 x GE and 1 x 2.5/5G.
  • Ethernet ports.
  • Huawei AP7110dnagn is an advanced AP with external RP-SMA,3 x 3 MIMO antennas, dual bandIEEE 802.11abgn.

Most of Huawei's business solutions provide high reliability with double PoE.

backup power supply.

Advanced capabilities and technologies in compact equipment

The bestaccess pointyHuawei AP2050dns,Huawei AP4050dn or Huawei AP7110dnagn have implemented excellent operating systems and functionalities meeting advanced network protocols and standards. They meet the requirements for high bandwidth to support a variety of data streams, including RTvideo conferencing. Intelligent high density directional antennas can have a total power of up to 29 dBmd for 2.4GHz for the MIMO 4 × 4:4Huawei AP7052DE. Achieving wireless transmission capacity of 2,600 Mbps and wired IEEE 802.3bz 2.5/5 Gb standard meets most needs. Availability of USB port allows easy sharing of data over the network. Scale compact housings with a specific degree of IP protection and a relatively wide operating temperature range allow for even wider applications. Each access point Huawei is configured in an intuitive way, with advanced settings as well. Easy contact with the customer's service allows even serious technical doubts to be resolved.

The best network devices and solutions from Huawei

In our shop you will find a wide range of equipment and accessories related to new technologies. We have a wide range of offer that allows you to plan and implement an effective and reliable network infrastructure. It is not onlynetworking devicesHuawei and other brands to create wired and wireless LANs, but also equipment that allows you to professionally create backbone networks and their endings based on fiber optic cables, such as OLTSmartax EA5800.You have a wide choice when shopping in our shop, and if necessary you can take advantage of experienced, advanced technical support. Check also our partner program, dedicated to business customers or entrepreneurs providing ISP services. It is a chance for long-term, beneficial cooperation.

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