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Huawei WIFI Q2 PRO | Mesh System 3w1 | 3 Pack - Hybrid, AC1200
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The Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFI system is to extend the range of WiFi networks in the simplest possible way. The system consists of 3 devices in most cases, but there may also be more or less. Mesh WiFi are network devices consisting of a router and satellites receiving WiFi network coverage and sending it further. They are connected to each other by wireless means and allow easy configuration and extension of the network range covering the whole house. This new technology is increasingly used by users who want to quickly and effectively extend the range of their wireless network. The mesh system guarantees us fast WiFi operating without interference, blind spots and delays in switching between devices, as it uses so-called smooth roaming and switching between satellites takes place unnoticed. Many users believe that WiFi mesh is the same as a signal amplifier or repeater. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. The operation is similar, but the mesh system works on a larger range, and switching between the satellites is much smoother, so if you walk around the house and watch a movie on your phone / laptop, you will not feel any loss of quality or a complete interruption of transmission.

Huawei WiFi Mesh

Huawei WiFI Q2 PRO - Q2 PRO is an advanced mesh system from Huawei. The devices are equipped with 5GHz and 2.4GHz operating frequency, providing network customers with the best experience. Transmission speed reaches 1867 Mbps, so WiFI Q2 PRO will allow us to watch 4K quality videos, stream games, or freely surf the Internet. The Q2 PRO set is perfect for multi-storey houses as it easily distributes wifi network on each floor ensuring constant and stable network coverage. The equipment guaranteeing low latency can perfectly support new technologies such as broadband or fiber connections. The WiFI system has a great design that will fit into any environment and the guests of our house will not even realize that the device is used to transmit WiFi signal. Additionally, the Huawei Q2 PRO has the ability to connect LAN ports in order to minimize delays even further.

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