Huawei HS8546V2 | ONT | 1x GPON/EPON, WiFi, 4 x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 1x RJ11, 2x USB
Product code: HS8546V2 GPON (2,4GHZ&5GHZ)
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The modern

computer networks providing access to the Internet in many cases are based on fiber optics. This approach allows, using appropriate SFP modules for terminal devices, to obtain fast data transmission. Fiber optic cables can be terminated in accordance with different standards, as well as the data transmission itself. EPON / GPONT client terminals such asHuawei HN8245Q XGPON ONT are multifunctional devices, often referred to as communication centers. They combine a number of interfaces and functions in one compact tool. Thanks to the advanced solutionsnetwork technology made available by Huawei, Internet access becomes simple and its parameters optimal. Huawei zShenzhen, a Chinese company with a long tradition, specializes not only in modems, smartphones and other network devices, but also in the broad ITC industry, building mobile network infrastructure, providing solutions for business.

Multifunctional compact fiber optic terminalHuawei HN8245Q

The termination of the fiber optic network on the client side does not have to be a classicterminal CONT operating according to the selected technology. Advanced proposals such asHuawei HN8245QXGPONONT allow to provide efficient devices with many possibilities, which can be individually adjusted to current needs. Equipped with GPON/EPON-compliant SFP modules, they allow for high upstream and downstream gbits data flows. But for the customer it is primarily:

  • interfaces ofwirelessdual band -5 GHz WiFi ac or in the 2.4 GHz band802.11b / g / n,
  • built-in antenna2dBi,
  • built-in router with 4.
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
  • two USB/strong>ports,
  • RJ-11 socket - POTS ports to connect an IP phone using the selected voice protocol if the appropriate service is configured,

The set includes a classic power supply -power supply11-14V DC, 1A. The terminals work as wirelessaccess points,conductor routers switching packets in LAN, as well as classic terminals - gateways to fiber optic network. They have built-in mechanisms allowing for remote management and configuration, which is extremely useful in building a network by the ISP.


Fiber optic network housing based on Huawei equipment

A product supplied by Huawei includes the equipment necessary to build a complete fiber optic network infrastructure. It is not onlyclient terminals such as Huawei HN8245QorHuawei HS8145Vof the endfiber optic cables, but also used by service providersMA5800 X2 terminal compatible with GPON network using H901MPLA control board. Modular constructions allow for customized solutions, number of ports, H901MPLA control board, and the possibility of mounting in racks allows for safe installations. The MA5800 X2 is one of the Huawei proposals, thanks to which it is possible to create modern, well-scalable, manageable and configurable implementations of fiber optic networks with high throughput.

The grey selection of modern technologies -

No matter if you need to supply your apartment or small business with the necessary WiFi ac or LAN equipment, or if you represent business customers who have a wide demand for equipment that is compatible with the latestnetwork technology, you will find all the necessary products in our shop. ModernGPONTHuawei HS8145V for customers, advanced terminals with a large number ofGPON ports, as well as an SFPoptical module and well-fitting software extending the possibilities are just a few of the many examples of Huawei hardware that are part of our offer. Attractive offerings, fast shipping and professional technical support when needed make many customers decide to shop at For large customers, we also offer an attractive program for affiliates, thanks to which the cooperation will be fully fruitful for both parties.

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