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Mercusys MW300RE | Wi-fi Range Extender | 300mbps
Product code: MW300RE(EU)
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Mercusys ME30 | Range extender | AC1200 Dual Band, 1x RJ45 100Mb/s
Product code: ME30(EU)
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Signal amplifiers

Signal amplifiers are used to amplify the signal sent by the router. Thanks to the amplifiers it is possible to provide a fast working wireless network to rooms so far away from the router that the signal reaching them is relatively weak. The wifi signal amplifier is particularly useful in large homes or offices, because both the space and the layout of the walls make the wifi signal lose its strength.

The Mercusys

The Mercusys company specializes in wireless network technologies. It manufactures devices that create signals or amplify them so that both businesses and private users can enjoy fast internet in every corner of the home. Mercusys signal amplifiers allow you to transform your workplace into a thriving center for fast information exchange, all thanks to a well-functioning wireless network.

In addition to excellent quality, they offer a compact size and neutral design. This means that they do not pose an obstacle in the home environment, and they fit perfectly into the decor of any room. The possibility of mounting the Mercusys signal amplifier on the wall allows to distribute the signal throughout the room, but also to find a place where none of the users will damage the device by accidental impact.

Mercusys mw300re

Mercusys mw300re is a universal wireless network signal amplifier. Thanks to it it is possible to achieve data transmission speed of 300 mbps. This value allows for fast data transfer, which is reflected in a fast Internet playing video and displaying pictures without annoying buffering. Mercusys mw300re works in the 2.4 GHz.

The mw300re signal booster is equipped with three antennas that allow the signal to be distributed throughout the room. This is especially important in the case of rooms with a complicated layout of walls, where ordinary signal amplifiers do not provide strong enough signal to each room.

The frequency issue is to locate the device in such a way as to guarantee the most efficient operation. An intelligent beacon helps the user to easily find the optimal location for the signal amplifier.

Wifi signal amplifier as an essential home device

Some home conditions make the universal wifi signal amplifier an essential device if users want to enjoy fast data transmission in every corner of the house.

The house where the walls are made of material that attenuates the wifi range can effectively slow down data transmission in rooms far away from the router. Even if the wall construction does not significantly weaken the signal, the distance can still be negatively affected. Floor houses with gardens can also use signal amplifiers to deliver wifi to floors where the router is not present. A signal amplifier located in a good place can overcome the distance problem.

Signal amplifiers are also helpful in case of apartments located in a block of flats. If there are many other wifi sources around such a room, they can jam each other. The mw300reSignal amplifier allows you to increase the power of the correct signal in such a situation and eliminate the adverse effects of neighboring devices forming wireless networks.

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