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Netgear WC05APL-10000S | License | WLESS CONTROL LIC TO MANAGE 5 AP
Product code: WC05APL-10000S
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Netgear licenses allow the use of advanced functions of network device administration software, in particular access points.The software for managing various types of networks is now playing an increasingly important role. Network administration is no longer just a configuration and physical control of the infrastructure. Thanks to applications, remote or centralized configuration in the cloudaccess points can operate fully securely, according to modern standards and maximum possibilities. In the case ofNetgear company, the licenses include advanced functionality extremely useful in business, professional applications. They support the protection ofpersonal data, depending on the type of license they allow forupgradeversion of software or scaling, network expansion. They work with Netgear ProSecure, Netgear ProSafe devices, also allowing users to benefit from ProSupport support. The American manufacturer of network equipment, Netgear has been providing proven, often highly innovative solutions to the global market for years. The products are intuitive to use and allow to create reliable networks and security of different types and levels.

Netgear devices network construction and configuration - management license

Every Netgear network device working on a level higher than the physical network layer has dedicated software installed. Allnetwork cards are configurable within a certain range to allow you to create an optimal computer network. For it to be durable and reliable, it should be properly managed and monitored. For the companyNetgear the licenseallows you to use the full capabilities of the devices, their management. Solutions proposed in many cases are:

  • remote management using intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, also web-based using cookies,
  • centralremote managementmost often using the cloud to manage multiple devices at once,
  • saving configurations, system images, for example, to a dedicated file server with the ability to restore them in case of a failure,
  • the possibility of introducing the latest software versions.

In the case of the Netgear brand, the licenseincludes, for example, a certain number ofaccess points,wherethe number of licensesis translated into the number of manageable hardware. The WC05APL-10000S license is a possibility to manage five access points wirelessly.

Software License Upgrade Netgear - supporting licensesupgrade hardware

Thanks to the reliable design of the professional equipment that Netgear introduces to the market, the devices can run for many years. Although Netgear ProSecure software is no longer on the market, it is still possible to upgrade, improve even older equipment, access points. Netgear also provides licenses in the form of upgrades, version changes to higher software devices. Appropriate license can significantly improve network performance and capabilities, improve security. Check the details of the products for full information about the possibilities.

Professional network design and management with

Netgear's network devices are one of the most popular solutions available on the market for both professional and high quality home implementations or SOHO. We have a wide range of various devices offering the latest technologies, check out the popular categories in our shop. Do you need a reliable file server,signal amplifiers, well-configurable access points, network prostheticsor extra hard drives, or maybe Smart Home or WiFi network solutions? Find equipment from proven manufacturers and place an order. At every stage of its realization we take care ofprotectionof your personal data.Thanks to the use ofcookies even if you do not realize the order immediately, the products will remain in your shopping cart.Do you have any doubts? Our technical support will certainly help you to resolve them. Check out also our partnership program for entrepreneurs, thanks to which we can establish long-term satisfactory cooperation.

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