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Tenda AP5 | Access point | 2,4GHz, 2x RJ45, PoE 100Mb/s
Product code: AP5
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Access Points by Tenda

They are network devices with good functionality at attractive prices. They can successfully operate as efficient wireless access points, providing RJ-45 ports for wired connections or PoE power supply. Good network devices like Tenda AP4, AP5 or other can support multiple clients like PCs, laptops, smartphones, various network devices, as well as memory cards, hard drives or other external disks depending on the model and interface standard. Tenda company has been operating on the network equipment market since 1999, aiming to provide good quality, low-cost solutions that work great not only at home, but also in business area.

A wealth of possibilities in one device - Tenda access point

Tenda devices are characterized by rich functionality enclosed in compact, aesthetic housings. The example is AP5, the successor of Tenda AP4 access point working in WiFi IEEE 80211n standard. The small Tenda AP has three 5 dBi detachable antennas on RP-SMA connector. Additionally, it is equipped with power socket, reset and range extender buttons, and two Fast Ethernet ports with passive PoE support. However, the key functionalities are hidden in hardware and software solutions of this access point. It can operate, similarly to many good quality modern network devices, in several modes:
  • Access Point Tenda - an access point connected with LAN through Ethernet cable,
  • WISP client - Tenda AP joins existing WiFi network, e.g. from ISP as WISP client and through WiFi routing creates a new local network also working as DHCP server,
  • Universal repeater, extender - thanks to automatic repeater function the Tenda AP4 access point can extend the range of an existing network,
  • Client and AP - in a mode similar to repeater the access points work by connecting to an existing network and enabling creation of a new one within one local network.
  • Station - a configuration in which the device joins the WiFi network, enabling access to it via Ethernet ports.
All settings are available through an intuitive web browser interface for quick access. Multiple configuration options expand the device's application possibilities, both for home and professional use.

Application of Tenda access point in home and business

Selected Tenda APs can be used in many situations. A number of built-in security features, compliant with current standards, allows to create a network tailored to the needs. Access points are an excellent solution for home wireless distribution of Internet access, obtained from ISPs using various methods. They can also complement the existing network when its range is insufficient. Other modes of operation are also suitable for business applications, for example when you need to quickly create a separate WiFi network for a specific area, group of employees or guests. Tenda network devices allow for installation in places difficult to access, far away from an electric socket, due to possibility of using PoE power mode. Access points can easily incorporate into the network wireless monitoring sets, networked hard drives with WiFi function, home automation devices creating smart home solutions and many other devices with wireless network interface.

Reliable network solutions and new technologies in one place - Batna24

Offer network equipment and accessories Tenda is not all we can offer. In our assortment you will find many professional solutions allowing to build a highly reliable network infrastructure of various types. But it is also proposals covering new technologies for home and business, video surveillance systems and servers. Check all the possibilities you are interested in and if you are an entrepreneur or planning big purchases - take advantage of our attractive partner program.
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