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Totolink A011 | Omni Antenna | 2.4GHz, 11dBi, RP-SMA
Product code: A011
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Scheduling and configuring a home or office wifi network can be intuitive or more advanced depending on requirements. One of the issues that must be considered by everyone creating a network is its range. The Totolink brand produces simple and reliable network devices at attractive prices. Among them there are also good quality omnidirectional WiFi antennas with selected energy gain. The manufacturer Zioncom, which owns the Totolink brand, has been present on the market of accessories and network equipment since 1999. It creates and continuously develops simple and more advanced networking solutions in accordance with global standards.

What parameters characterize Totolink WiFi antennas?

Classical WiFi antennas for network devices with RP-SMA connector are extremely simple accessories to extend the capabilities of standard devices. When choosing an omnidirectional antenna for a router, repeater or access point, it is worth considering:

  • operating frequency - 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.
  • compliant with wireless network standards, for example IEEE 802.11 n/g/b or IEE 802.11 ac, depending also on possible operating frequencies,
  • the energy gain of the antenna directly affecting the signal range,
  • type connectors: female -female RP-SMA,
  • type of polarity,
  • the width of the beam given in degrees,
  • VSWR,
  • impedance,
  • temperature and working conditions,
  • manufacturer's code for the product.

The final transmission speed is directly affected by the technology - antenna operation standard, while the distance from the signal source and possible obstacles. The WiFiTotolink A011 is one of the stronger antennas from the manufacturer with a simple assembly, thanks to which a WiFi router, WiFi repeater or other device with RP-SMA connector will be able to work with even greater range, providing Internet access over a large area.

The use of simple omnidirectional Totolink WiFi antennas

Around antenna with RP-SMA connector is usually connected to network devices. However, it has a small energy gain as standard, often in the range of 3-5 dBi, so the range of the device may not be sufficient. Some manufacturers do not equip general sets such as acess points, routers or signal amplifiers with antennas. This has an advantage, because for a small price the user, creator or administrator of the network can equip the equipment with an antenna of proper power. Then the installations such as smart home, office or shop have optimaltransmission speed in every place. Network cables and wired network cards are no longer needed, only the access device has to be connected, the rest of the equipment - network devices, computer components or mobile devices are connected via wireless router equipped, for example, with the antennaTotolink A011.The replacement of the antenna is very simple. For example, the Totolink N300RH high-power wireless router has two antennas which can be easily unscrewed and replaced with another one.

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