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Zyxel NAS542 4-Bay | Cloud storage | 4x SATA II 2.5''/3.5'' HDD
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Modern NAS drives and ZyXEL arrays are for those who want to have their own secure storage spaces. These are devices with

perfect security levels. A good network drive of maps elevates the level of reliability, high performance and allows quick access to data with the appropriate configuration of any place on earth. The amount of mass storage is selected by the user by purchasing appropriate media. Data downloading is not limited by weak parameters or amount of RAM, as they are selected ideally for a given application. NETWork NAS oand ZyXEL matrices are not only suitable for home implementations but also for corporate data storage. Check out the wide range of products from a Taiwanese company with a long tradition. With more than 30 years of presence in the professional networking market, ZyXEL's products are refined down to the smallest detail. In addition, it has a unique design and attractive price.

Powerful and reliable network drives

The network drive and the ZyXELapplication form a comprehensive solution for a variety of applications. The intuitive operation of the server, both physically and programmatically, allows it to be used even by people without experience. For example, ZyXELNAS3262xHDD13ghz 512mb 3xUSB1xLAN is not equipped withhard drives so that the user can choose the capacity and speed to suit their needs. The lack of attached disk allows the deviceZyXELNAS326 to create both an extremely capacious data bank - even 12 TB, equipped with automatic backup on a second carrier, and secure storage of data in the cloud. Motherboards, computer components, and ZyXELzCloud software also provide the ability to stream media smoothly to home devices. WHigh performance USB connectors, ETHs allow you to send and retrieve data in no time at all using the available storage. The refined ZyXEL NAS542 is even more powerful with:

  • support up to 4 drives SATA II2.5" or 3.5" with a total capacity of up to 48 TB = 4 x 12 TB,
  • support for RAID 1, 5, 6 and 10,
  • powerful processor and 1 GB RAM,
  • two Gigabit Ethernet connectors,
  • three USB ports 3.0,
  • possibility to replace damaged media in case of failure without switching off the device,
  • comppact housing equipped with intelligent fan.

After connecting the device to the power supply the first start-up and configuration is quick and extremely simple.

Using network drives

Network diskconsisting of multiple physical storage media to create disk arrays. Automatic creation ofcopy of backup important data or even images of whole discs allows to achieve high security level of systems. Even a simple ZyXELNAS326 2xHDD 13GHz 512MB 3xUSB1xLAN model can be used. NAS is a convenient file server, where you can collect your favorite music or graphics, share files with other users. Appropriate security features, which are equipped withfileservers, allow you to work together remotely. Before choosing a network drive, check its technical specifications to see if all parameters meet your requirements.

Professional high-performance networking solutions for your home and office

The ZyXEL Network Disk allows you to work in a LAN, as well as access data from anywhere with the appropriate server configuration. High-speed network cards, depending on the model, with one or more interfaces, allow for instant data transfer, creation ofcopies. These solutions are essential for corporate networks and important data that cannot be damaged or lost. Equally important data stored at home can be protected automatically with a properly configured cloud. Manage remotely one or more ZyXEL NAS, always have access to the most important information. Also check out other network solutions and new technologies for home and office, both from ZyXEL and other popular and reliable manufacturers.

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