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Zyxel PLA5456 Twin Pack | Powerline | 2x RJ45 1000Mb/s, 1x Power socket
Product code: C1423232
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Zyxel PLA5405 Twin Pack | Powerline | 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s
Product code: BATZYXPLA5405 TWIN PACK
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PowerLine - ZyXEL's network transmitters are a modern way to create an aesthetic home or small business network without having to use a not always stable WiFi connection. The fastgigabit powerline adapter will take advantage of the possibilities of theelectric network by combiningnetwork cardsEthernet of individual devices with a router. The small and aesthetically pleasingpowerline adapterprovides a long range through existing, usually in an aesthetically pleasing way hidden cables. Homeplug AV2 will therefore connect the ease of installation and operation with advanced capabilities. ZyXEL'spowerline products are perfected in every detail, computer components at an attractive price. Check also other proposals of our shop to build reliable networks. Choose ZyXEL's excellent quality products, which have been bringing to market innovative, yet refined in every special solution for more than thirty years.

Select a convenient Twin Pack transmitters to get rid of wireless network problems

Many residential or commercial premises, especially in areas with a high density of wireless WiFi networks, find it difficult to provide failure connections to the local network or the Internet. Ethernet cables are a good solution, but they require planning of infrastructure, pulling cables, drilling. The modern smallgigabit PowerLine adapter allows you to use your existing electrical network infrastructure - cables located in virtually any apartment or office. The purchase of a package in the form of two devices and necessary accessories allows for an instant connection of the network device and computer network cards. In our offer the most frequently selected network transmitters from ZyXEL are:

  • PLCZyXEL PLA5405 Twin Packtwo adapters plugged intonetwork, providing a transfer of up to 1300Mbps, single LAN ports,
  • PLCZyXEL PLA5456 Twin Packtwo adapters withbuilt-in socket, which allows you to connect other devices to the current with the transmitter constantly running, two LAN ports for each adapter providing bandwidth up to 1800Mbps.

The operation of the devices is extremely simple and the comfort of use is more than just a small solution. Although there are frequently asked questions about the installation method, in practice it is intuitive and can be done even by people who are not very advanced. The adapters can effectively replace wireless signal amplifiers.

Gigabit PowerLine adapter for fast LAN expansion

Convenientadapter to the socketthe electrical networkin a noticeable way shortens the time of extending the local home or office network with new devices. This is crucial for devices whose network cards are wired. A stable connection via the ZyXEL PowerLine adapter can be achieved for example:

  • microcomputers,
  • PC,
  • network peripheral devices, e.g. printer, multifunction devices, networked hard drives,
  • televisions.

In places where you don't want to distribute power using a strip, you can choose a network transmitter with a built-in socket. After unpacking the Homeplug AV2 devices, plug them in in the selected places. One of them is connected to the router by the included Ethernet cable and the other one is connected in a similar way to the selected device. The ZyXEL PowerLine adapters sync with a simple button that finds the optimal connection with MIMO technology. This way, all computer components receive the optimal link parameters.

Technologies and standards of network adapters to the socket

Everyadapter to the socketthe energy network uses specific technologies and standards to work efficiently. It is not only Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed data transmission, but also data encryption with a 128-bit AES key. IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV compatibility allows you to expand your existing network. It also supports up to 4 levels of QoS, various carrier modulation schemes and frequency bands. If you have any doubts - check Frequently Asked Questions FAQ and choose your new convenient network solution.

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