Cambium EPMP 5GHz 90/120 | Sector antenna | with mounting kit
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Cambium EPMP 5GHz 90/120 | Sector antenna | with mounting kit

Cambium EPMP 5GHz 90/120 | Sector antenna | with mounting kit

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Antenna frequency: 5 GHz
Antenna type: Sector
Energy gain: <10 dBi
Application: Outdoor


Sector antenna ePMP 5GHz 90/120 degrees

Cambium Networks has deployed more than five million radio stations worldwide, achieving unparalleled scalability. Based on this vast experience, Cambium Networks has developed an antenna solution that allows network operators to increase the spectral efficiency and scale of access to their ePMP networks. Wireless service providers implementing networks in the 5 GHZ band will use this sectoral antenna at 90° or 120°, as it is particularly suited to high density networks that require frequency reuse and broadband spectrum. The package contains a full set for mounting the antenna on a mast.



  • Frequency reuse: designed to reuse the ABAB channel (two channels covering four sectors), the antenna's front-to-back ratio is 35 dB, including wide back aperture.
  • Constant transmission range: the excellent capabilities of the antenna allow for a wide geographical coverage of the sector.
  • Channel flexibility: The fixed gain from 4.9 to 6.0 GHz allows the network operator to select a channel anywhere in the band and achieve the expected performance.
  • Predictable performance: the sector antenna is integrated in the LINKPlanner tool from Cambium Networks.
  • Designed for installation: small compact design, integrated ePMP radio holder, GPS antenna integration.
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Features / filters
Antenna frequency 5 GHz
Antenna type Sector
Energy gain <10 dBi
Application Outdoor
Connector type 2x RP-SMA
Electric deviation
Front-to-back ratio 35 dB
Horizontal beamwidth 90°, 120°,
IP Rating IP65
Polarization Vertical, Horizontal,
Port-to-Port isolation >30 dB
Vertical beamwidth


  • Profit 18 dBi
  • 4.9 to 5.97 GHz spectrum
  • 35 dB front to back ratio
  • Construction reinforcement IP 65

Profit 18dBi
Frequency range 4.9 GHz to 5.97 GHz
3 dB Beamwidth - Elevation
3 dB Beamwidth - Azimuth (beam width - azimuth) 90°
6 dB Beamwidth - Azimuth (beam width - azimuth) 120°
Electric Downtilt -2°
Polarisation Horizontal and vertical
Port-to-port insulation >-30 dB
Front-to-back ratio 35 dB
Maximum input power 5W
Input impedance 50 ohms
Mounting connectors 2 x RP SMA
Mounting equipment Included in the kit for mounting on masts from 2" to 4" in diameter (5 cm to 10 cm) deviation from -10 to +5 degrees
Equipment for connecting the ePMP access point to the back of a sector antenna - included
Physical dimensions The weight of the antenna: 23.4"(W) x 6.2"(S) x 4.3"(G) (594 mm x 157 mm x 110 mm)
w/ ePMP 1000 Access Point: 23.4" (W) 6.2" (S) x 5.9" (G) (594 mm x 157 mm x 150 mm)
Weight The weight of the antenna: 8.8 lbs. (4.0 kg)
w/ ePMP 1000 Access Point and mounting brackets: 14.6 lbs. (6.6 kg)
Protection against the environment IP55
Cover material (Radome) ABS protected against UV radiation
Operating temperature -40ºC to 60ºC
antennae radiation




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At what temperatures is the 5 GHz Cambium ePMP antenna suitable for use?

The antenna is ideal for temperatures from -40ºC to 60ºC.

At what frequency does the ePMP 90/120 antenna work?

Cambium Networks' product operates in 5 GHz.

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