Huawei ETP4830-A1 | Power supply | 48V, 30A, with SMU01C module
Huawei ETP4830-A1 | Power supply | 48V, 30A, with SMU01C module

Huawei ETP4830-A1 | Power supply | 48V, 30A, with SMU01C module

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Huawei ETP4830-A1 power supply with SMU01C module

It is a telecommunication gym, used for safe and uninterrupted power supply of other electrical devices in case of mains power failure. Huawei ETP4830-A1 has a built-in AC/DC power supply system, thanks to which the telecommunication power plant achieves high energy efficiency. The gym has a built-in SMU01C module, which allows for intelligent management and a wide range of AC output voltage. The device is designed for installation in Rack 19. type cabinets.

SMU01C module

The gym has a built-in SMU01C module from HUAWEI company, which allows monitoring and management of the telecommunications power supply system. The module has a built-in LCD screen, which is equipped with a unit for human-machine interaction. The system is designed to meet the high reliability requirements.

Huawei ETP4830-A1 features:

  • Wide input voltage range 85 - 300 V AC.
  • Wide temperature range of the rectifier from -40℃ to 75℃.
  • Hot-swappable.
  • Standard construction design, 19/21 inch installation adjustment.
  • Compact design (only 1U height) to save space for the user.
  • Intelligent battery management to extend battery life.


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Output voltage 48V

Dimensions: 442x255x43.6 mm
The weight: 8kg
Cooling Passive
Installation In Rack 19 cabinets
Cabling Front and rear entrances
Degree of protection IP20
Connection One 220 V cable or two 110 V cables
Frequency 45 - 66 Hz
SPD 5 kA / 10 kA
Output voltage 8/20
Maximum power 42 - 58 V DC
Battery protection 2 kW
Overload protection 1x 20 A (fuse)
Rectifier 2x 20 A (fuse)
Power ~ 870 W
Input voltage 85 - 300 V AC
Connections 2 analogue connectors
7 digital connectors
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