Huawei ETP4830-A1 | Power supply | 48V, 30A, with SMU01B, R4815
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Huawei ETP4830-A1 | Power supply | 48V, 30A, with SMU01B, R4815N1 module

Huawei ETP4830-A1 | Power supply | 48V, 30A, with SMU01B, R4815N1 module

CODE: ETP4830-A1 30A SMU01B R4815N1
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Huawei ETP4830-A1 power supply with SMU01B module

Huawei ETP4830-A1 power supply is a telecommunication power supply, which is used to power electrical devices safely and continuously without any interruption should there be a mains power outage.
With the built-in AC/DC power system, Huawei ETP4830-A1 achieves high energy efficiency, while the built-in SMU01B module guarantees a wide AC output voltage range and intelligent management. The telecommunication power supply unit is designed for installation in 19 rack


SMU01B module

The SMU01B embedded module from HUAWEI allows you to manage and monitor your telecom power system. The module is equipped with an LCD screen that enables human-machine interaction.
The system is designed to meet high reliability requirements.



Dimensions: 442 mm x 255 mm x 43.6 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Cooling Passive
Installation In 19" racks
Wiring Front and rear inputs
Degree of protection IP20
Connection One 220 V cable or two 110 V cables
Frequency 45-66 Hz
SPD 5 kA/10 kA
Output voltage 8/20
Maximum power 42-58 V DC
Battery protection 2 kW
Overload protection 1 x 20 A (fuse)
Rectifier 2 x 20 A (fuse)
Power ~870 W
Input voltage 85-300 V AC
Connectors 2 analogue connectors
7 digital connectors



Data sheet ETP4830-A1 Download
Data sheet R4815N1 Download
Data sheet SMU01C and SMU01B Download
Operating Instructions Download


The output voltage can be greater than 48V?

The ETP4830-A1 48V 30A is designed by Huawei as a 220V AC to 48V DC converter and cannot be made larger or smaller.

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