Huawei MA5683T | OLT | GPON, 2x H801 SCUN, 2x H805 GICF, 2x PRT
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Huawei MA5683T | OLT | GPON, 2x H801 SCUN, 2x H805 GICF, 2x PRTE, GPFD C+

Huawei MA5683T | OLT | GPON, 2x H801 SCUN, 2x H805 GICF, 2x PRTE, GPFD C+

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Huawei MA5683T

MA5683T is the world's first all-in-one access platform that provides integrated DSL and optical access. The OLT terminal supports multiple access methods, i.e. VDSL/ADSL2+/G.SHDSL/POTS/ISDN/PON/Ethernet P2P, and multiple FTTC/FTTB/FTTH/FTTO/FTTM scenarios. The device can also offer mobile backhaul with high reliability and high precision clock and GE/10GE interfaces. The MA5680T helps to simplify the network architecture and allows for smooth FTTx migrations in the network and substantially reduces the total cost of ownership.



- Provision of high-capacity IPTV services, 8K multimedia users and 4K channels;
- Support for 3-level QoS (provider / service / user)
- Supports multiple access methods, VDSL2 / ADSL2 + / G.SHDSL / POTS / ISDN / PON / Ethernet P2P;
- Support for multiple scenarios: FTTC / FTTB / FTTH / FTTO / FTTM.
- Support for local traffic switching that meets the requirements of business and campus networks.
- Maximum power consumption of an 8-port GPON line card is only 55 W


Switching capacity 480 Gbit / s
Power supply DC: -48 V DC
Dimensions (without mounting brackets) 442,00 mm x 283,20 mm x 263,90 mm
Dimensions (with mounting brackets) 535.00 mm x 283.20 mm x 263.90 mm
Working environment temperature Configuration with 1 cabinet: from -25 ° C to + 65 ° C
Configuration with 2 cabinets: from -25 ° C to + 55 ° C
Energy consumption Static power consumption 174.8 w

Maximum power consumption 306.8 w

Typical power consumption 240.8 w


What is the difference between MA5683T and MA5680T?

The only difference is capacity, MA5683T max supports 6 service sockets, MA5680T max supports 16 service sockets.

Does MA5683T support GPON 10G?


What is the maximum transmission distance between GPON OLT and ONT?

Maximum 40 km.

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