Jirous JRC-24EX MIMO | Parabolic antenna | 5,4 - 6,4GHz, 23,6dB
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Jirous JRC-24EX MIMO | Parabolic antenna | 5,4 - 6,4GHz, 23,6dBi, 2-pack

Jirous JRC-24EX MIMO | Parabolic antenna | 5,4 - 6,4GHz, 23,6dBi, 2-pack

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Antenna frequency: 5.4-6.4 GHz
Antenna type: Directional
Energy gain: 21dBi - 30dBi
Application: Outdoor



Jirious is a parabolic directional antenna operating in 5 GHz band. The JRC-24 EX MIMO operates in vertical and horizontal polarization, it has a 23.6 dBi gain and a main beam of 8.8° width. It has been designed to minimize losses caused by other antennas. A metal flange has been used to ensure separation between the equipment on the mast, resulting in minimized interference between the connections. With a set of two antennas you can create a point-to-point connection over a long distance. The offered product is characterized by a high power ratio of the front/rear beam, which has a good influence on its operation.

JRC innovation

The antenna is fully adapted for outdoor use, the inside of the heater is made in "hydrophobic coating" technology resistant to moisture build-up. The parabola is made of aluminium alloy. The set includes a cover made of ABS material not susceptible to UV radiation. The included handles allow to adjust the angle of inclination, it is also possible to mount the GentleBOX JR-200.

Distinguishing features of the JRC-24EX MIMO

  • operation in the 5 GHz band
  • 23.6 dBi profit
  • main beam width 8.8°
  • high resistance to interference from other antennas
  • tilt angle adjustment
  • RP-SMA connector
  • application: point-to-point connections over long distances, under difficult conditions


Features / filters
Antenna frequency 5.4-6.4 GHz
Antenna type Directional
Energy gain 21dBi - 30dBi
Application Outdoor
Connector type N FEMALE
Front-to-back ratio 38 dB
Horizontal beamwidth
Numbers of pieces in the package 2-pack
Polarization Linear, Vertical, Horizontal,
Port-to-Port isolation >28 dB
VSWR 1.5:1

Specification JRC-24 EX MIMO
Frequency range 5.4 - 5.9 GHz
Energy gain 23,6 ± 0,6 dBi
VSWR < 1,5
Front/rear beam power ratio > 38 dB
Width of the main beam 8,8°
The link RP-SMA (with plug, outside thread)
Polarisation Horizontal or vertical, depending on the position of the heater
Parabola Diameter 38 cm
Material: powder-coated aluminium alloy
Cover Material: UV resistant ABS plastic



Installation instructions Download


What is a WiFi antenna?

A wifi antenna (parabolic antenna) is a device that converts electromagnetic waves into an electrical signal or vice versa. The antenna can be used to improve signal quality and increase data transmission speed.

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