Jirous JRC-29DD MIMO | Parabolic antenna | 4.9 - 6.4GHz, 29dBi,
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Jirous JRC-29DD MIMO | Parabolic antenna | 4.9 - 6.4GHz, 29dBi, 2x N-Female, 2-pack

Jirous JRC-29DD MIMO | Parabolic antenna | 4.9 - 6.4GHz, 29dBi, 2x N-Female, 2-pack

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Parabolic antenna JRC-29DD MIMO

Dual polarized Jirous JRC-29 Deep Dish MIMO parabolic antenna is designed for directional connections with MIMO mode in 5 GHz frequency band. The antenna is designed to work in environments with multiple reflections for long and medium distances in difficult conditions.

Innovation JRC-29DD MIMO

The deep antenna design increases isolation between the antennas on the mast and increases the front to back signal ratio. The new concept expands the frequency band. Other models :

JRC-29DD MIMO Precision - antenna with precision grip JDMW-900 AR

JRC-29DD-SX MIMO - antenna with stainless steel grip for operation in adverse corrosive conditions

JRC-29DD MIMO PriS - antenna for UBNT PrismStation dual-polarized radio.

Compatibility and fastening

JIROUS JRC-29DD MIMO antenna can be used in combination with external metal box JR - 250 Alu for AP, RouterBOARD and other electronic devices or with GentleCLIP holder for easy installation of devices with clip-on system. The antenna has separate snap-on nuts for easy mounting and adjustment of azimuth and height. Right and left-hand installation possible.

Recommended accessories

  • GentleBOX JR-200 or JR-250 Alu (we recommend using R-SMA connectors)
  • GentleCLIP bracket for mounting Ubiquiti Rocket M5
  • Pigtail R-SMA/MMCX
  • Pigtail R-SMA/UF.L


Frequency range 4.9 - 6.4 GHz
Profit 29.0 ± 1 dBi
VSWR 5.1 - 5.9 GHz ≤ 1.4
Beam width -3 dB 5.5˚
Port to port isolation 5.1 - 5.9 GHz ≥ 25 dB (rest of the frequency range ≥ 22 dB)
Forward/reverse ratio ≥ 49 dB
Polarisation Linear, vertical/horizontal or 45°.
Parabola Ø 680 mm, aluminium alloy
Radome UV-stable ABS plastic
Connection type N-female, R-SMA
Mast mounting Ø 27 - 74 mm
Weight of the antenna 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs.)
Transport dimensions - 2 pcs. 750 x 735 x 285 mm/13.9 kg (30.6 lbs.)



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Where is it best to mount the JIROUS JRC-29DD MIMO antenna?

The antenna is designed to be mounted outdoors, on a mast with a diameter of 27 - 74 mm. It is perfect for point-to-point connections.

What is the diameter of the antenna bowl?

The antenna has a canopy with a diameter of 68 cm and has an energy gain of 29 dBi

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