Jirous JRMB-1200 10/11 | Parabolic antenna | 10.1 – 11.7GHz, 40
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Jirous JRMB-1200 10/11 | Parabolic antenna | 10.1 – 11.7GHz, 40dBi, dedicated for Mimosa B11

Jirous JRMB-1200 10/11 | Parabolic antenna | 10.1 – 11.7GHz, 40dBi, dedicated for Mimosa B11

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Antenna frequency: 11 GHz
Antenna type: Directional
Energy gain: >31 dBi
Application: Outdoor


JIROUS JRMB-1200-10/11Ra - Parabolic antenna

The JRMB-1200-10/11Ra antenna is designed for microwave links in the 10 and 11 GHz frequency bands. Precise work with deep spotlight is in accordance with ETSI EN 302-217-4-2 class 2.

JIROUS JRMB-1200-10/11Ra

Easy installation of the JIROUS antenna JRMB-1200-10/11

The antenna is supplied with a massive bracket for easy mounting on the mast. The bracket can be mounted separately on a mast. Then you can simply hang the antenna with the microwave unit in it. The antenna bracket allows precise height adjustment ± 15° and azimuth adjustment ± 7°. Right and left side mounting is possible. For installation in adverse weather conditions we recommend a set of wind braces. For installation on a mast with a diameter of 60 to 80 mm an adjustable set of wind braces should be used.

easy installation of the JIROUS antenna JRMB-1200-10/11

Main features:

  • Strong wind stability
  • Right and left hand assembly
  • Solid support with exact height and azimuth adjustment
  • High insulation of adjacent connections
  • High interference immunity and high mechanical strength


Features / filters
Antenna frequency 11 GHz
Antenna type Directional
Energy gain >31 dBi
Application Outdoor
Compatible with brand Mimosa
Front-to-back ratio 55 dB
Horizontal beamwidth 1.5°
Polarization Vertical, Horizontal,
VSWR 1.3:1

Technical parameters
Manufacturer Jirous
Model JRMB-1200-10/11
Electrical parameters
Frequency range 10.1 - 11.7 GHz
Energy gain (low band) 40 ±0.5 dBi
Energy gain (high band) 41 ±0.5 dBi
Side leaf level < 15 dB
Front/rear beam power ratio > 61 dB
Beam width 1,5°
Polarisation Horizontal and vertical
VSWR > 18 dB
ETSI standard EN 302-217-4-2 v1.5.1
Class 2
Mechanical parameters
Time 1200 mm
Made of aluminium alloy
Depth of the canopy 440 mm
Shield Made of UV-resistant ABS plastic
Input / output Waveguide, 19 mm
Mast diameter 80 - 120 mm
Wind resistance (during operation) 110 km/h
Permissible wind speed (maximum) 210 km/h
Weight of the antenna 16.5 kg
Handle weight 14.9 kg



JIROUS Operating Manual JRMB-1200-10/11Ra (ENG) Download


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