MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM | Switch | 12x RJ45 10 Gigabit, 4x SF
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MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM | Switch | 12x RJ45 10 Gigabit, 4x SFP+

MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM | Switch | 12x RJ45 10 Gigabit, 4x SFP+

CODE: CRS312-4C+8XG-RM / EAN: 4752224002150
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MicroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM

MikroTik Cloud Router Switch CRS312-4C+8XG-RM is the first manageable MicroTik switch with 10G RJ45 Ethernet ports. It is equipped with 8 10G Ethernet and 4 10G Combo ports (10G Ethernet / SFP+).
CRS312-4C+8XG-RM gives access to up to 12 ports with 10 Gb/s throughput. The Combo ports allow for a connection via fiber optic cable, which extends the capabilities of the switch. The device has a switching capacity of 240 Gb/s, and the speed of packet transfer is 178 Mp/s. The device's 10G Ethernet ports support connection speed negotiation and can therefore be used at 1G, 2.5G, 5G or 10G speeds.

MicroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM

Two types of operating systems

Thanks to the Dual Boot function the user can select one of two operating systems in the device, RouterOS (Level 5) and SwitchOS. The first option has Layer3 functions, while the second one is characterized by simplicity of use, but is limited only to Layer2.

MicroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM

The device is equipped with two AC power supplies

The switch has two built-in AC power supplies, which reduces the risk of connection interruption. It has a full-size USB port, a RJ45 console port for configuration and a 1U enclosure. The maximum power consumption of the switch is 60 W. This device is a practical solution for those who work with huge data files and need a fast, efficient 24/7 connection: multimedia production, research, game development, large data analysis and so on.

MicroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM

The most important features:

  • Two built-in redundant AC power supplies
  • QCA9531 processor, 650 MHz
  • Packet transfer speed 178 Mp/s
  • 240 Gb/s switching capacity
  • Dual boot (SwitchOS or RouterOS Level 5)
  • 4 10G Combo ports (10G Ethernet / SFP+)
  • 8 10G Ethernet ports
  • USB port
  • 1U chassis suitable for 19" racks


Features / filters
LAN standard 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Number of LAN ports 12x [1/10G (RJ45)] , 4x [10G (SFP+)] ,
Management CLI - Command Line Interface, By web browser,
Power (W) 60
Switching layer 3
Type of case Rack (1U)

Basic technical parameters:
Product code CRS312-4C + 8XG-RM
Architecture MIPSBE
Number of processor cores 1x
Nominal processor frequency 650 MHz
Licence level 5
Operating system RouterOS / SwitchOS
Memory RAM 64 MB
Storage size 16 MB
Type of storage FLASH
Tested ambient temperature -30° C to 70° C
Number of AC inputs 2
AC input range 100–240
Maximum energy consumption 60 W.
Management port (MGMT / boot) 1x fast Ethernet port 10/100 MB/s
Number of Ethernet / SFP Combo 10G ports 4x
Number of Ethernet ports 1G / 2.5G / 5G / 10G 8x
Serial port RJ45
Number of USB ports 1x
USB power reset Yes
Type of USB socket USB type A.
Maximum USB current (A) 1
Processor temperature monitor Yes
Voltage monitor Yes
Dimensions 443 x 183 x 44 mm
Case law " RED, EAC, ROHS



Brochure (ENG) Download
Short guide (ENG) Download


What is a MicroTik RouterOS?

MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of the router and software that allows the PC or Mikrotik RouterBoard to be a dedicated router.

What is a Routerboard ?

RouterBOARD is a hardware platform from MikroTik, which is a line of routers with RouterOS operating system. Almost all models of RouterBOARD devices can be powered via Ethernet (PoE) and have a connector for external power source.

What functions does RouterOS have?

Firewall, Routing, MPLS, VPN, Wireless, DHCP, Hotspot, QoS, Proxy and more.

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