MikroTik PW48V-12V150W | Power supply | 12V, 150W
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MikroTik PW48V-12V150W | Power supply | 12V, 150W

MikroTik PW48V-12V150W | Power supply | 12V, 150W

CODE: PW48V-12V150W / EAN: 4752224002501
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Output voltage: 12V
Power supply: > 100W


MicroTik PW48V-12V150W

MicroTik PW48V-12V150W AC/DC power supply for the CCR-1072-1G-8S+ device. It is a Hot Swap type - just remove one of the current power supplies from the device and replace it with the PW48V-12V150W power supply. Easy and simple installation. you don't even have to switch off the device.



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Output voltage 12V
Power supply > 100W

Basic technical parameters :

Product code PW48V-12V150W
Input voltage 36-57V DC 5 A current
Frequency 47 / 63 Hz
Output voltage DC 12V 12.5A 150W
Compatible with CCR-1072-1G-8S+


What is a MicroTik RouterOS?

MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of the router and software that allows the PC or Mikrotik RouterBoard to be a dedicated router.

Routerboard what is it?

RouterBOARD is a hardware platform from MikroTik, which is a line of routers with RouterOS operating system. Almost all models of RouterBOARD devices can be powered via Ethernet (PoE) and have a connector for external power source.

What is the output voltage ?

Output voltage is the electrical voltage on the output side of the device. The shape and size of the voltage depends on the type of device.

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