MikroTik S-4554LC80D | SFP Module | 1,25Gb/s, LC, 80km, Single
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MikroTik S-4554LC80D | SFP Module | 1,25Gb/s, LC, 80km, Single mode, Pair (T1490nm/R1550nm) + (T1550nm/R1490nm)

MikroTik S-4554LC80D | SFP Module | 1,25Gb/s, LC, 80km, Single mode, Pair (T1490nm/R1550nm) + (T1550nm/R1490nm)

CODE: S-4554LC80D / EAN: 5903148917955
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Output connector: LC
SFP module - port speed: 1,25 Gbps
Transmission distance: Over 20km
Fiber type: SM (Single-Mode)


Pair of single-mode SFP S-4554LC80D modules

MikroTik S-4554LC80D is a pair of single-mode SFP WDM inserts allowing to set up a transmission using one optical fiber. The maximum throughput is 1.25 Gb/s and the maximum range is about 80 km. The modules are equipped with LC/UPC connectors. One SFP WDM cartridge simultaneously sends and receives the signal using two different waves, i.e. 1490 nm and 1550 nm.

Pair of SFP modules S-4554LC80D

Special features

  • The set consists of 2 SFP modules
  • WDM technology
  • DDM
  • LC/UPC connectors
  • Transmission up to 80 km
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C


Features / filters
Output connector LC
SFP module - port speed 1,25 Gbps
Transmission distance Over 20km
Fiber type SM (Single-Mode)
Type of SFP duplex Wavy (WDM)
Wavelength 1490/1550 nm


Basic technical parameters
Optical output power 0~+5 dBm
Rx reception sensitivity Max. -25 dBm
LOS De-assert Max. -26 dBm
LOS Assert Min. -40 dBm
Wavelength 1490 nm and 1550 nm
Capacity 1.25 Gbps
Distance 80 km
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C
Connection type LC/UPC
Type of transmission Single-Mode


What does SFP+ mean?

SFP+ is an extension of the SFP standard adapted for transmission speeds of 10 Gbit/s.

Which SFP/SFP+ module should be used?

Check if the ports on the device are SFP or SFP+ ports. The latter can operate at 10 Gbps. Then select the fiber optic cable. Single mode fiber is usually used for longer distances, while multimode fiber is used for shorter distances.

What is an SFP RJ45 module?

The SFP RJ45 module allows you to connect Ethernet cables to the SFP sockets of your network devices via a special insert, which is equipped with an RJ45 port.

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