Netgear RN42400-100NES | NAS | READYNAS 424 (DISKLESS)

Netgear RN42400-100NES | NAS | READYNAS 424 (DISKLESS)

CODE: RN42400-100NES
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The NETGEAR ReadyNAS 424 file server combines all the features that a smart and modern enterprise expects in one compact solution: file storage, file sharing, automatic backup and data recovery - on, off or in the cloud - and full data protection. NETGEAR ReadyNAS 424 is designed based on the Intel Atom C3338 (1.5 GHz, 2 cores) 4gb framework to provide high levels of network bandwidth for business-class file sharing and data backup for offices with up to 40 employees.

Data storage and protection

ReadyNAS brings state-of-the-art storage and data protection technologies to the SMB in an accessible and easy to use system. All ReadyNAS are based on the revolutionary ReadyNAS OS 6 operating system and the next generation BTRFS file system. Best-in-class 5 levels of data protection - XRAID, unlimited snapshots, real-time rotting protection, real-time anti-virus and easy replication of ReadyDR work together to securely protect data against common threats.

Key business functions

  • Automatic backup and synchronization: Using ReadyCLOUD for PCs, scheduled protection is easier than ever before.
  • Data loss protection: Proprietary technology to protect your files from unplanned degradation
  • Unrestricted Snapshots: Unrestricted possibilities to perform data snapshots to ensure protection in the mailbox and flexible data recovery.
  • X-RAID and instant sharing: easily increase capacity and feel confident that your data is always protected
  • Anti-virus and encryption: Protect data from external threats and prying eyes


NETGEAR REDYNAS 424 specification
CPU Intel® Atom C3338 Dual Core Processor
Memory 2GB DDR4
Drive Bays 4
Supported drive types SATA/SSD 2.5" or 3.5"
Hot-swappable drives Yes
Tool-less disk installation 3.5 " Yes
eSATA extension ports 1
Internal capacity 40TB
Gigabit LAN Ports 2 Gigabit LAN
USB Ports Two (2) USB 3.0 (1 front, 1 rear)
Power supply 90W power supply
input 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
BTU at full power supply 57.4W
Power consumption: work 43.09W
Power consumption: Wake on LAN 4.4W
Electricity consumption: idle state 400mW
2-line LCD display Yes
Navigation with a button Yes
Fan (mm) 120
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 239 x 185 x 194
Weight (kg) 3.95Kg
ProSUPPORT Service Packs Available On Call 24x7 One year: PMB0312
Three years: PMB0332
5 years: PMB0352
Bluetooth key No
Recommended maximum number of users 40
Available configurations Non-disk and populated models are available with hard drives for desktop and enterprise computers.
Data protection (backup and copying) - Unlimited number of snapshots
- Restore the snapshots to any moment in time.
- Restore the snapshot data from the local user interface, ReadyCLOUD, or native Windows File Explorer
- Scheduled and manual snapshots
- Immediate shutter cloning.
- File synchronization (rsync)
- Encrypted remote replication.
- Cloud managed Remote Replication (Cloud backup). No license required for ReadyNAS OS 6.
- Encryption based on 256-bit AES volume
- X-RAID™ (automatic single volume online expansion)
- Extension of multiple RAID groups (vdev)
- Single disk, JBOD
- RAID levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
- RAID Global Hot Spare
- eSATA Expansion Expansion / levels of data
- Backing up to external storage media (USB/eSATA)
- Support for Apple Time Machine
- Apple Time Machine Remote Backup and Restore (via ReadyNAS Remote automatic backup)
- ReadyNAS Vault Vault Cloud backup (optional service)
- Amazon Cloud Drive synchronization. (requires an account with Amazon)
- Synchronize DropBox files (requires a DropBox account)
- Real-time antivirus scanning using signature and heuristic algorithms.
- Automatic bitrot detection and correction for degraded media
- ReadyDR block level replication technology
- Ready-made data backup of ReadyDR from any ReadyNAS system to any ReadyNAS (Intel based)
- automatic backups
File system and transfer protocols - ReadyNAS OS 6.6 (RN422/424) or later
- Linux 4.x
- Internal file system: BTRFS
- External file system: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+
- File system for copying on record
- Data compression
- Microsoft network (CIFS/SMB 3)
- Apple OS X (AFP 3.3)
- Linux/Unix (NFS v4)
- Internet (HTTP)
- Safer Internet (HTTPS)
- File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
- FTP over SSL/TLS (clearly)
- FTP passive mode with port range setting
- FTP bandwidth control
- FTP Anonymous
- FTP transfer log
- Safe Coating (SSH)
- Web Authoring (WebDAV)
- Storage Area Network (iSCSI)
- File synchronization (rsync)
- Local Internet file manager
Additional technical data 4gbframe
4xhdd 2x1522ghz2gb2xusb2xlan
6gbs sat
4bay network attached storage diskless
Accessories RTRAY05: Replace/additional 3.5" or 2.5" drive bay.
- ReadyCLOUD cloud-based detection and management
- Local RAIDar detection agent (Windows / Mac)
- Save and restore system configuration (clone devices)
- Local event log
- Call reporting (SMB)
- Local Graphical User Interface (GUI) Languages: English, German, French,
Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Korean
- Unicode support
- Volume management
- Thin reserves LUN shares and units
- Immediate access / expansion with data protection
- Reset to factory settings
- Operating systems supported: Microsoft Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012, Apple OS X, Linux / Unix, Solaris, Apple iOS, Google Android
- Supported web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 14+, Google Chrome 20+, Apple Safari 5+)


Operating instructions Download
Datasheet Download
Performance guide Download
Software manual Download
installation instructions for Ready NAS OS 6 Download


How do I configure the local user mode in ReadyNAS OS 6 storage system?

To configure the local user mode:

1.Log in to ReadyNAS.

2.On the administration page, select Accounts > Authentication.

3.From the Access Type drop-down menu, select Local Users. Except for the Workgroup Name field, all fields are dimmed.

4.(Optional) Enter a workgroup name. You can also choose to keep the default workgroup name.

5.Click Apply.

How do I create a group account in ReadyNAS OS 6 storage?

1. Select Accounts > Groups. <2 Click New Group.

3. Enter a name for the new group. Group names can be up to 31 characters in most non-Asian languages. If you use characters in Asian, the limit is lower. Most alphanumeric and punctuation characters can be used for the user name. Group names must not consist of numbers only and must not contain an @ character. Note: The GID is a unique group ID number assigned to each group. It is generated automatically.

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