Panseptan 5l | Hand disinfectant | 5l
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Panseptan 5l | Hand disinfectant | 5l

Panseptan 5l | Hand disinfectant | 5l

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Polish hand disinfectant

PANSEPTAN is a ready-to-use, alcohol-free preparation for hand disinfection. It contains a professional disinfectant, destroying viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces or by contact with sick people. The glycerine contained in the product prevents the risk of excessive drying of the hand skin. Panseptan is particularly recommended when shopping, walking or travelling.

Panseptan cylinder 5L


  • Benzyl-C12-14-alkyldimethylammonium chlorides
  • Glycerol


Apply a small amount of the preparation on the hands and rub for min. 30 seconds. If applied after using water, dry hands beforehand so as not to impair the effectiveness of the product.

Storage and transport

Transport and store in tightly closed manufacturer's packaging at the temperature from +5 ºC to +30 ºC, in a place not exposed to sunlight. Shelf life is 12 months from the production date.


Composition: Benzyl-C12-14-alkyldimethylammonium chlorides

Content % (m/m) 0,6 - 0,9
Classification (Regulation No 1272/2008) Acute Tox. 4, H302
Skin Corr. 1B, H314
Eye Dam. 1, H318
Aquatic Acute 1, H400 (coefficient M=10)
Aquatic Chronic 1, H410 (factor M=1)
Name and registration number: 01-211999970550-39-xxxx

The composition: Glycerol

Content % (m/m) 1,5 – 2,0
Classification (Regulation No 1272/2008) Substance with an assigned PDS
EC No. 200-289-5
CAS No. 56-81-5


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