Tinycontrol | Relay board | 16A x4
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Tinycontrol | Relay board | 16A x4

Tinycontrol | Relay board | 16A x4

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Tinycontrol relay board 16A x4

The relay board is one of the basic accessories for the Tinycontrol lan controller. It is controlled from the lane controller and enables selective switching on and off of electrical devices connected to the relay screw terminals. The board contains 4 relays which enables independent control of 4 different devices.

The relay board is compatible with GSM v3 controller and lank controller 2. We have the ability to switch on, off and reset on each of the relays.

High quality relays with a special design of electrical contacts ensuring long-term operation are used. The board is connected to the control device through a multi-core tape with appropriate connectors. No additional power supply is required - the board is powered from the LAN/GSM controller.


Technical parameters

Number of relays 4
AC load current 16A /250V AC
DC load current 16A / 12V DC
Outputs NO, NC, C



Operating instructions Download


Do I have to buy a cable to connect to the Lan controller?

The control cable is included and does not need to be bought separately.

Can I control the frel with the relay board?

The board can be connected to devices whose maximum current does not exceed 16A.

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