Tinycontrol SCT-013 100A | Amperage sensor | 100A
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Tinycontrol SCT-013 100A | Amperage sensor | 100A

Tinycontrol SCT-013 100A | Amperage sensor | 100A

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Tinycontrol current sensor SCT-013 100A

The sensor is designed for measuring the current flowing in the wire without the need to connect the measuring system to the measured circuit. The measuring clamp is put on a single wire and not on a pair of wires. At the sensor's output an alternating voltage proportional to the measured current is given. The sensor can be used for alternating current measurements through the analog inputs INPA1-4 in Lan Controller v3.

The sensor has three outputs: Vcc - power supply, GND - ground and Vo - output voltage, which can be connected to INP1 input in lan controller. Power supply voltage range is from 4.5V to 5.5V, however, the sensor can be supplied from lan controller with 3.6V. However, one should take into account less linear characteristics and lower output voltages.


Technical parameters
Current measurement range 0-100A AC
Maximum diameter of the measuring cable fi 12mm
Built-in load resistor 62ohm
Variable output voltage 0-1V AC
The length of the cable 1m


Can the sensor be applied to the entire cable?

The sensor will not indicate anything if it is connected to the current and neutral cables simultaneously.

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