Ubiquiti AMO-2G13 | Omnidirectional antenna | airMAX, 2,4GHz, 1
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Ubiquiti AMO-2G13 | Omnidirectional antenna | airMAX, 2,4GHz, 13dBi

Ubiquiti AMO-2G13 | Omnidirectional antenna | airMAX, 2,4GHz, 13dBi

CODE: AMO-2G13 / EAN: 810354020964
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Antenna frequency: 2.4 GHz
Antenna type: Omnidirectional
Energy gain: 10dBi - 20dBi
Application: Outdoor


Breakthrough 2x2 bipolarity design

The antenna is designed to integrate seamlessly with RocketM radio, with which it can create a powerful omnidirectional base station with 360° coverage while maintaining high network performance. Omnidirectional antenna Ubiquiti AMO-2G13, thanks to its radiation characteristics allows to build a very efficient and relatively cheap base station.

ubiquiti networks airmax antenna

Powerful coverage in all directions

Omni airMAX antennas provide 360° range, performance 2x2 MIMO in LOS (Line-of-Sight) or NLOS (Non-Line-of-Sight) applications.

Ubiquiti AIRMAX OMNI 2.4GHZ 13DBI antenna

Rugged construction

The airMAX antennas have been designed with a robust mechanical casing for outdoor use.

ubiquiti networks airMAX OMNI AMO-2G13

Plug and Play integration

Each Ubiquiti airmax omni antenna has a built-in Rocket holder, so no tools are needed to install the Rocket BaseStation. Pair your Rocket radio with the Omni airmax omni antenna to create a powerful multi-directional base. This combination gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

ubiquiti 2.4GHz antenna


Features / filters
Antenna frequency 2.4 GHz
Antenna type Omnidirectional
Energy gain 10dBi - 20dBi
Application Outdoor
Compatible with brand Ubiquiti
Connector type 2x RP-SMA
Cross polarization isolation >25 dB
Electric deviation
Horizontal beamwidth 360°
MIMO Type 2x2
Polarization Double linear
VSWR 1.7:1

Basic technical parameters
Dimensions (mm) 1390 × 122 × 105
Weight 2.4 kg
Frequency band 2.35 - 2.55 GHz
Profit 13 dBi
Radiation in the façade plane
Maximum VSWR 1.7:1
Tilt down
Wind resistance 200 km/h
Wind load 111.2 N @ 200 km/h
Polarisation Vertical and horizontal (dual)
Inter-polarization separation 25 dB min.
ETSI EN 302 326 DN2
Installation equipment Pole bracket, mounting brackets for RocketM radio, waterproof cables for radio connection


Datasheet Download
Quick start guide Download


Installation of equipment

1. Przymocuj kable RF do złączy oznaczonych jako Chain 0 i Chain 1 na urządzeniu.

ubiquiti networks amo2g13

2. Wyrównaj uchwyty montażowe z tyłu obudowy z uchwytem kieszeni i przesuń w dół, aby zablokować ją na miejscu.

dual omni ubiquiti airmax

3. Przymocuj pozostałe końce kabli do złączy sygnałowych na antenie.

ubiquiti airmax omni 24ghz 13dbi

4. Włóż cztery śruby mocujące do głównego uchwytu wspornika anteny.

antena ubiquiti

5. Przymocuj antenę do górnej części słupa.

a. Przesuń zacisk słupka na każdą parę śrub nośnych.

b. Zabezpiecz każdy zacisk za pomocą dwóch nakrętek ząbkowanych.

c. Dokręcić wszystkie nakrętki do około 25 N-m

airmax omni 13dbi 24ghz dookólna

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