Ubiquiti INS-8023AF-O | PoE Converter | 48V, 802.3af to 18V, 0.
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Ubiquiti INS-8023AF-O | PoE Converter | 48V, 802.3af to 18V, 0.7A

Ubiquiti INS-8023AF-O | PoE Converter | 48V, 802.3af to 18V, 0.7A

CODE: INS-8023AF-O / EAN: 810354021770
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Ubiquiti Compatibility

Available in an internal version, the 802.3af Gigabit PoE converter is compatible with most Ubiquiti PoE devices using 100 Mb/s ports. Compatible products include airMAX and UniFi devices.

ubiquiti networks CONVERTER POE

Longer cable lengths

High voltage transfers power more efficiently than low voltage. The 802.3af adapter enables longer 48 V cable connections so that products can obtain the required power even when they are far from the 802.3af switch.


Protection against electrostatic discharges

The 802.3af converters provide additional ±15kV Ethernet isolation to reduce the risk of ESD damage or overvoltage of connected devices.

CONVERTER POE ubiquiti 48v

Compatibility with PoE switches

Instant 802.3af Adapter works with different 802.3af switches for remote power control. For easy power management, you can centralize 802.3af sources and the power switch, and connect the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS) as a backup. In this way the network continues to operate, even during a temporary power outage.

ubiquiti networks poe converter


Features / filters
Output voltage 18V

Basic technical parameters
Input power supply 48 V, 802.3af
Output power supply 18 V, 0.7 A
PoE output Positive 4, 5; Return 7, 8
ESD/Voltage surge protection ±15kV
Dimensions (mm) 315 × 25.8 × 24.8
Weight 300 g
Operating temperature -30° C to 70° C
Output cable Shielded Cat5, length: 10cm


Datasheet Download



1. Podłącz kabel Ethernet z przełącznika PoE 802.3af PoE do portu wejściowego PoE.

2. Podłącz kabel Ethernet do portu wyjściowego PoE.

3. Połącz drugi koniec kabla Ethernet z urządzeniem PoE.

Does it have ESD/ surge protection ?

Yes, ±15kV

Compatibility with PoE switches ?


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