Ubiquiti LS5 | Subscriber unit | LiteStation5
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Ubiquiti LS5 | Subscriber unit | LiteStation5

Ubiquiti LS5 | Subscriber unit | LiteStation5

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Ubiquiti LiteStation5

Ubiquiti LiteStation5 is a motherboard integrated with 802.11a Atheros radio module, 400mW with MMCX external antenna output. The board can be powered by PoE (up to 18V). There is 16 MB SDRAM and 4 MB flash memory on board. On the board can be installed AirOS system from Ubiquiti (SDK is also available) as well as OpenWRT and Ikarus. In case of IkarusOS level 2 system the board works with Mikrotik RouterOS in modes: WDS, AP Client, Station.


Combined with the intuitive LiteStation LS5 operating system, it becomes a simple, reliable and efficient bridge solution for clients. Additional features include signal strength LEDs and a custom heat sink for extended temperature ranges in compact enclosures. LiteStationOS software has a user-friendly, intuitive interface, making the whole product a simple, reliable and efficient solution AP / CPE.


The most important features:

  • PoE power supply
  • Compliant with 5GHz 802.11a standard
  • 24 dBm radio module power


Basic technical parameters:
CPU Atheros AR5312 SOC, MIPS 4KC, 180MHz
Memory information: 16 MB SDRAM, 4 MB parallel flash memory
Serial interface: 10-pin (5x2) header available for RS232 / DB9
Network interface: Ethernet 2 X 10/100 BASE-TX interface (Cat 5, RJ-45)
Wireless approvals: FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE ETSI EN301 489-17 / 893
RoHS compliant: YES
Support for TX channel width: 5 MHz / 10 MHz / 20 MHz / 40 MHz
Maximum energy consumption: 7.0 watts
Power method: Passive Power over Ethernet (4.5+ pairs; 7.8 return)
Rated DC voltage: 5-24 V (18 V max recommended)
ESD / EMP protection: Damping of transition voltage in the POE port
Working temperature: -40° C to 85° C (System plate optimized for low/high temperature)
Cogs: Station, StationWDS, AP Bridge
Services: SNMP, DHCP, NAT
Tools: Antenna Alignment Tool, Discovery Utility
Security: WEP / WPA



Technical Specification (ENG) Download


At what temperature can the device operate ?

Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C (System Plate optimized for low/high temperature)

Maximum energy consumption ?

Maximum energy consumption: 7.0 watts

Can it work with MikroTika devices ?


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