Ubiquiti LTU-ROCKET | Access point | 5GHz, 600Mbps, 1x RJ45 100
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Ubiquiti LTU-ROCKET | Access point | 5GHz, 600Mbps, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s

Ubiquiti LTU-ROCKET | Access point | 5GHz, 600Mbps, 1x RJ45 1000Mb/s

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Maximum wireless transmission speed: 600 Mb/s
Number of LAN ports: 1x 10/100/1000BaseTX (RJ45)
Operating frequency: 5 GHz


LTU-Rocket Access Point

Ubiquiti LTU-ROCKET is the first point-to-multipoint radio station in the LTU product family. The radio station operates in the 5GHz frequency band and has been specially designed for WISP wireless devices. The equipment, thanks to its unconventional design, allows for better performance in comparison with its predecessor airMAX. Using its advanced technology, the device produces low delays and is able to work over long distances.

Flexible channel width

Channel width flexibility allows for TX and RX channel independence and frequency configurations anywhere in the radio band to avoid local interference. Channel width options include
- 10 MHz
- 20 MHz
- 30 MHz
- 40 MHz
- 50 MHz
- Up to 100 MHz*

Convenient configuration

LTU Rocket is managed in two ways: the configuration interface and the Ubiquiti network management system (UNMS™). Both options allow you to manually configure the radio station. In addition, the built-in GPS system improves synchronization of the device.

Top performance

LTU is a new, proprietary technology with a custom silicon and radio design that breaks through the limitations of 802.11 Wi-Fi technology. As a result, LTU delivers significantly higher performance than previous AirMAX products based on 802.11 Wi-Fi. LTU Rocket from Ubiquiti Networks is designed for WISP devices and its main communication processor provides low latency, long range, DFS flexibility, higher constellations, better output power and increased reception sensitivity.


Features / filters
LAN standard Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb/s
Maximum wireless transmission speed 600 Mb/s
Number of LAN ports 1x 10/100/1000BaseTX (RJ45)
Operating frequency 5 GHz
Device type Base station
Type of device power supply Passive PoE

Equipment features
Dimensions 244 x 82 x 48 mm (9.61 x 3.23 x 1.89")
Weight 0.468 kg (16.5 oz)
Case Aluminium and polycarbonate
Radio connectors (2) RP-SMA Weather resistant (CH0, CH1)
(1) Weather-resistant SMA (GPS)
GPS antenna External magnetic base
Power supply 24V, 1A Gigabit PoE Adapter (included)
Power supply method 4-Pair Passive PoE
Pins 1, 2; 4, 5+ and Pins 3, 6; 7, 8-
Maximum energy consumption 15W
Voltage range +18 to +54VDC
Network interface (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
Installation Integrated pole mounting (included)
Compatible with Rocket Mount
Mounting on a GPS pole (included)
Operating temperature -40 to 55° C (-40 to 131° F)
Weather resistance IP67
Certificates FCC Part 15.407
CE EN 302502 v1.2.1, EN 301 893 v1.7.1
Maximum performance 675.84 Mbps
Maximum range 100+ km
Packs per second 2+ Million
Encryption WPA2-PSK (AES)
Wireless modes AP Mode



Are LTU products compatible with other airMAX or airFiber products?

LTU is a completely new platform based on proprietary technology that does not use 802.11n protocol, making it incompatible with 802.11n and 802.11ac devices. For this reason it is NOT compatible with airMAX M5 or airMAX 5AC.

What products are part of the LTU family?

The LTU family today consists of several products:
The LTU racket

Can I connect the AF5X to AF5XHD?

No, AF5XHD is a brand new architecture that is not compatible with AF5X.

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