Ubiquiti USW-PRO-48-POE | Switch | UniFi, 40x RJ45 1000Mb/s PoE
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Ubiquiti USW-PRO-48-POE | Switch | UniFi, 40x RJ45 1000Mb/s PoE+, 8x RJ45 1000Mb/s PoE++, 4x SFP+, 600W

Ubiquiti USW-PRO-48-POE | Switch | UniFi, 40x RJ45 1000Mb/s PoE+, 8x RJ45 1000Mb/s PoE++, 4x SFP+, 600W

CODE: USW-PRO-48-POE-EU / EAN: 817882027656
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Ubiquiti USW-PRO-48-POE

USW-Pro-48-POE is a configurable Gigabit Layer2 and Layer3 switch with automatic 802.3at PoE+ and 802.3bt PoE++ detection. Forty PoE+ Ethernet ports and eight PoE+++ RJ45 Ethernet ports have a total 600W PoE budget and four SFP+ ports offer uplink 10Gbps options. Nearly silent cooling and 1.3" touch LCM.


UniFi controller

The switch is managed and configured by the UniFi network controller. The UniFi network controller and the mobile application allow administrators to configure and monitor virtually all switching functions from anywhere in the graphical user interface.


Example of implementation


Functions via the Unifi controller

  • Operating mode (switching, mirroring, aggregation) per port
  • Network / VLAN configuration
  • Jumbo Frame and Flow Control services
  • Network settings
  • Storm control on port
  • Configuration of the opinion tree
  • Control 802.1X and RADIUS VLAN
  • Terminal option to debug the command line interface


Features / filters
LAN standard Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb/s
Number of LAN ports 48x [10/100/1000M (RJ45)] , 4x [10G (SFP+)] ,
Number of PoE ports 40x [802.3af/at (1G)] , 8x [802.3bt (1G)] ,
Management CLI - Command Line Interface, By web browser,
Power (W) 600
Switching layer 2
Type of case Rack (1U)

Basic technical parameters:
Product code USW-PRO-48-POE-EU
Dimensions 442.4 x 399.6 x 43.7 mm
Weight 6.25 kg
Interfaces Network management 48x Ports 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ethernet
4x Ports 1G SFP Ethernet
Power supply method 100–240
V AC / 50-60 Hz 52 V DC, 11.54 A; 11.5 V DC, 5.22 A.
Power supply AC/DC, internal, 120 W.
Supported voltage range 100 to 240 V AC
Max. Power consumption (no PoE output) 60 W.
ESD / EMP protection Air: ± 16 kV, Contact: ± 12 kV
Shocks and vibrations ETSI300-019-1.4 Standard
working temperature From -5 to 40 ° C
Moisture 10 to 90% non-condensing
Certificates CE, FCC, IC
Volume level
25% load PoE, room temperature 25°C 0.9 dBr
50% load PoE, room temperature 25°C 7.3 dBr
100% load PoE, 40 ° C 22.5 dBr
PoE Interfaces Ports 1-40 POE + IEEE 802.3af / at, (pins 1, 2+; 3, 6-)
Ports 41-48 60 W PoE ++ IEEE 802.3bt, (Pair A 1, 2+; 3, 6-) (Pair B 4, 5+; 7, 8- )
Max. PoE power per port according to PSE 802.3at / 802.3bt 32 W / 64 W.
Voltage range 802.3af mode 44–57 V.
Voltage range 802.3at mode 50–57 V.



Data sheet (ENG) Download

operating instructions (ENG)


What is a switch ?

A switch is a switch that combines several so-called microsegments in one network. The switch is equipped with ports, that is connections. Each of the ports can be connected to one device. You can also connect switches with each other to increase the number of possible connections and create lan networks.

What is a rack and what is it used for ?

Rack, rack, rack, ICT rack, server rack, crossover rack - a common name for a 19" wide rack, rack and industrial equipment standard (48.26 cm). Rack cabinets are mainly used in computer server rooms, power engineering as well as in recording studios or industrial premises.

What is this and what does PoE mean ?

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is the name of a series of methods that allow you to power your network equipment via twisted-pair cable while transferring data simultaneously.

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