HEX 1000 PRO 12V | Power inverter | 1000W
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HEX 1000 PRO 12V | Power inverter | 1000W

HEX 1000 PRO 12V | Power inverter | 1000W

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Input voltage: 12V
Output voltage: 230V
Type of conversion: DC/AC
Voltage (V) / Power (W): 12V / 1000W


Voltage converter

HEX PRO 1000 12V is a microprocessor-controlled voltage inverter from the HEXAGEN series. The inverter has intelligent fan control depending on the temperature and load, and the device is equipped with a unique LCD display, which provides visual information about the device parameters. The inverter uses a constant voltage (12V) from the battery to supply the devices with 230V, and the automatic "Power SAVER" function helps to save energy. The inverter is ideal for places where there is no possibility of direct connection to the power network.

Modified Sinusoidal

VOLT HEX series inverters produce a so-called modified/sinusoid at their output. This is a rectangular alternating voltage whose rms value is identical to the rms value of the sine waveform occurring in the power network. Thanks to this method of voltage generation, it is possible to significantly reduce the price and increase the reliability of the whole device.

Such a voltage is not suitable for supplying inductive or capacitive devices and may cause damage. The HEX PRO series is ideally suited for powering devices of a resistive nature such as: laptops, chargers, monitors, inkjet printers, lighting, heaters, kettles and other electronic devices.


The PRO versions of the HEXAGEN series are equipped with a number of features, such as

  • Intelligent temperature and load-dependent fan control
  • LCD display
  • The soft-start system (so-called "SOFT-START") allows you to safely start receivers with higher starting currents.
  • The "POWER SAVER SAVER" automatic energy saving function


Features / filters
Input voltage 12V
Output voltage 230V
Type of conversion DC/AC
Voltage (V) / Power (W) 12V / 1000W

Continuous power 600 W

Temporary power 1000 W

DC input voltage 10.5 V - 15.5 V

AC output voltage 225 V - 235 V

Output voltage Approximated sine wave

Output voltage frequency 50 Hz (+- 2 Hz)

Efficiency at full load > 90 %

Operating temperature 0-40 C

USB socket 1.5 A Yes
Display Yes. (Built-in)

Control microprocessor-based


How to select the inverter power?

In order to correctly calculate the power demand, the total energy consumption should be calculated - the power consumed should not exceed 85% of the maximum (continuous) power of the inverter.

What can be connected to a modified sinus inverter?

We can connect to the inverter:

  • Laptop, computer (if there is no active PCF in the power supply)
  • Devices with commutator motor (power tools)
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • TVs

What's the tension in my car?

Personal note: 12V
Weighted boot: 12V or 24V (In most cases, the lighter sockets are marked accordingly)

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