IPS 5000 24V | Power inverter | 5000W
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IPS 5000 24V | Power inverter | 5000W

IPS 5000 24V | Power inverter | 5000W

CODE: VOLT IPS 5000 24V / EAN: 5903111886196
125,31 GBP without VAT
Input voltage: 24V
Output voltage: 230V
Type of conversion: DC/AC
Voltage (V) / Power (W): 24V / 5000W


Voltage converter IPS 5000 24V

The IPS 500 24V converter is used to supply electrical equipment requiring 230V AC voltage from batteries. VOLT IPS is a very popular and well made universal inverter series, thanks to its simple design and low price the inverter is easily accessible to everyone. The device works in places where it is not possible to connect directly to the mains or during a power failure. Thanks to its compact size, the inverter can be used anywhere. In addition, the device is designed to be powered from a 12v. cigarette lighter socket.

Modified sinusoidal

VOLT IPS series inverters produce a so-called modified/sinusoid at their output. This is a rectangular alternating voltage whose rms value is identical to the rms value of the sine waveform occurring in the power network. Thanks to this method of voltage generation, it is possible to significantly reduce the price and increase the reliability of the whole device.


Application of the inverter

    TVs (TV sets, tuners, hi-fi, dvd)
  • charger power (smartphones, tablets, phones, laptops, gps)
  • Office equipment (printers, fax machines, computers, monitors)
  • Small household appliances. (Gully, toaster, toaster, kettle)
  • Lighting (LEDs, halogens, garden countersink, bulbs)


Features / filters
Input voltage 24V
Output voltage 230V
Type of conversion DC/AC
Voltage (V) / Power (W) 24V / 5000W

Total power 5000 W

Rated power 2500 W

Battery voltage 24 V

Input voltage 21 V - 31 V

Output voltage 225 V - 235 V

Output voltage frequency 50 Hz (+- 2 Hz)

Efficiency at full load > 92 %

Under-voltage protection tripping threshold 21.4 V (+- 0.6 V)

Permissible operating temperature -10 ⁰C - 40 ⁰C


How to select the inverter power?

In order to correctly calculate the power demand, the total energy consumption should be calculated - the power consumed should not exceed 85% of the maximum (continuous) power of the inverter.

What can be connected to a modified sinus inverter?

We can connect to the inverter:

  • Laptop, computer (if there is no active PCF in the power supply)
  • Devices with commutator motor (power tools)
  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • TVs

What's the tension in my car?

Personal note: 12V
Weighted boot: 12V or 24V (In most cases, the lighter sockets are marked accordingly)

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