OPTI 45 Ah 12V | Accumulator | AGM
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OPTI 45 Ah 12V | Accumulator | AGM

OPTI 45 Ah 12V | Accumulator | AGM

CODE: VOLT OPTI 45AH / EAN: 5903760240721
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Battery capacity: 45 Ah
Output voltage: 12V
Colour: Black
Type of battery: Battery


OPTI AGM 12V 45Ah Battery

VPRO 40 Ah series batteries are made in AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) VRLA technology and are mainly designed for: use in emergency power supply systems (UPS, automation systems), solar installations and with voltage converters. They are best suited for buffer charging systems, but can also be used in applications where the batteries work cyclically. The battery has about 500 cycles, and battery life is from 5 to 8 years at a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius.


Key Benefits:

  • maintenance-free - does not require topping up or replacing electrolyte
  • can work in any position
  • high efficiency and productivity long service life of 5-8 years
  • high resistance to mechanical damage and high temperatures
  • safe to use (no electrolyte leakage, pressure valves)


Features / filters
Battery capacity 45 Ah
Output voltage 12V
Colour Black
Type of battery Battery

Technical data
Capacity (25°C) 45 Ah
Voltage 12 V
Maximum charging current 12 A
Overall height 175 mm
Height 175 mm
Width 165 mm
Length 197 mm
Weight 11,8 kg
Internal resistance (25°C) 9 mΩ at full charge
Self-discharge 2-3% per month at 25°C
Capacity (40°C) 102%
Capacity (25°C) 100%
Capacity (0°C) 85%
Capacity (-15°C) 65%
Buffer charge 13.5 - 13.8 V (-18 mV/C)
Cyclical charging 14.5 - 15.0 V (-30 mV/C)



VOLT - Product Card OPTI 12V 45Ah EN Download


How long has the battery been operational?

The design life of the battery is 5-8 years under optimal operating conditions specified by the manufacturer.

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